Who is to Blame?

With the resent trades in the BBY , this reporter felt called to action to point out a mass hypocrisy within the ranks of the BBy GMs.

For a few years now the words have gotten harsher when it comes to the infamous Gm Chad. Most Gms in the pool scream bloody murder every time he makes a trade, “what a rip off artist” , “how does he get people to say yes?”, “this is B.S. ” are just a few of the common statements when it comes to GM Chad. But this reporter wants to answer .. who is to Blame?

Can you really blame GM Chad for making the trade to get Benn? would you say no to getting Forsberg for Carter? sure the constint bad trade offers drive GM’s nuts, sure he’s happy to tell you how his players are the best and yours all suck, sure he’s happy to “help you win” by trading you the old guy for the young guy, sure he’s an ass… but you still say yes… time after time, bad offer after bad offer, he still makes the trades.

No matter how much people complain , he still makes the deals. so who is really to blame? who is to blame for the thousands of e-mails insulting your intelligence? who is to blame for the arrogant trash talk, that most people get ONE on ONE from him? who is to blame for creating a Gm who is all the bad parts of GM Wayne, Gm Josh and Gm Rez? the Awnser: we are.

UPDATED FEB 11, 2016

Expendables add their view to the above article:
Great article. Glad to be the only thing you guys write about. The rest of the pool must be pretty boring if I’m the only thing you guys want to write about.
Just to clear the air:
The trade for Benn, I sent an offer for him and received a counter offer and the deal happened.
The Carter trade:
I received an inquiry then an offer, sent a counter. The other gm wanted what he wanted so I gave him what he wanted and the deal was done.
But I do appoligize for not giving a ppg player (Pavelski) for 3 players on your farm. You know who I’m talking to.
Or a group of my young players for players then didn’t even make my top 16. You know who you are that I’m talking to.
I did give up 3 older players ( Datsyuk Zetterberg Marleau) that are doing pretty good this year and for they’re entire carear actually plus a prospect that’s top 3 in points in the league he’s in (Griffith) for a young player and a player that will be dropped at the end of the year.
……but I’m the rip off lol.
Anyways, there’s much much much more I could go on about but rant over.
Keep the great articles coming
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