Trades 2014-2015

BBY Trades 2014-2015    [unbiased commentary in the brackets, done at the time of the trade]

BBY Trades 2014-2015    [unbiased commentary in the brackets, done at the time of the trade]


Spartans send their 2nd with Ekblad to the Badgers for Heatley. [Spartan’s liked Heatley signing with Anaheim, see “now” upside vs. waiting for Ekblad to develop. Badger’s take a pick asset and arguably one of the best Dman prospects seen in a decade]

 The Badgers send Spartans 2nd with Elias, Baertschi, Setoguchi and Martin to the Marauders for Nylander, Booth, Ritchie and Zibanejad. [Badgers dice age and uncertainty for prospects and the potential break-out player in Zibanejad. Marauders were desperate for depth]

 The Marauders send Spartans 2nd with Yakimov and Myers to the Pepperalls for Morrow and Gionta [Marauders were desperate for depth (see above), Pepperalls were public in their hope/faith in a Myers point rebound and took the pick asset]

Pepperalls acquire Horton from the Badgers for Kruger, Spartans 1st, 2nd and Guts 2nd [Badgers rid themselves of an injured player that was injured twice last year and gain a depth player and bounty of picks. Pepperalls clearly risking that Horton returns to a 60+ point form. Note that Horton was not ready for the first month of play, something the Pepperalls were clearly hoping he would be]

Pepperalls send Yakimov to the Marauders for Fleury [Marauders wanted Yakimov (throw-in on earlier trade back) and Pepperalls didn’t care. This deal should have zero statistical impact in 2014-2015]

Month 1:

Marauders send E.Kane, Setoguchi, Baertschi and Morrow to the Badgers for Neal. [Marauders pay historical market value for Neal in hopes that he can keep that going in traditionally low-scoring Nashville. Badgers expect Kane to match/exceed Neal anytime and have 3 other parts to play with]

Expendables send Subban, Byfuglien, Ryan, Killorn and Daredevils 1st to the Radials for Krejci and Pavelski [Expendables get the 2 best players when looking at the last 2-3 seasons overall. Radials get Ryan and Subban who could match and might even exceed in the short term with the insurance of Byfuglien and the hard to value (most see him as weak depth presently) Killorn, with the gravy of what should be a late 1st rounder]

Pepperalls send Fleury, Fiala, Samuelsson, Carey and Guts 1st to the Bulldogs for Lupul and Leddy. [Pepperalls cash out all of their futures for right now help. Lupul should get 45-50, but there is hope for more. Leddy is looking good on NYI for maybe being 40+. Bulldogs likely walk off Fleury and Carey and might not even see a stats drop out of this deal –say if Lupul does his usual injury thing. Guts pick sits out of the lottery at the time of this trade]

Expendables send Perlini and Expendables 2nd to the Badgers for Roussel [Expendables want Roussel more than Badgers…?] 

Marauders send P.Martin to the Badgers for Ritchie and Paajarvi [Odd deal at this juncture as Martin is an aging asset and Marauders need playable depth which prospect Ritchie and possibly AHL-bound Paajarvi do not presently provide]

Sens send Voynov to the Spartans for Arcobello [Sens trade a player that may miss a ton of time due to off-ice issues for a younger guy that has a few points to start the year]

Sens send Arcobello, Fleischmann, Higgins and Gardiner to the Pepperalls for Ribiero [Sens get the veteran big fish that has started the year hot, Pepperalls are desperate for bottom roster depth due to injuries. This move puts them back to 23 players on the roster and gives them choices for who to play while waiting out the returning players]

Expendables send Wheeler, Oshie and Reinhart to the Daredevil for E.Staal, Hemsky and Gaborik. [a tricky one… Expendables are getting valued veterans Staal, and Gaborik and the tease of Hemsky for the dependable Hemsky, the interesting Oshie and the futures of top-prospect Reinhart. Alone this deal seems like an odd one for the contending Daredevil to make, but all his guys in the deal are slumping hard to start the year… but it’s early]

Daredevil sends Reinhart, Ellis and Daredevil 2nd to the Meese for Bergeron, Hedman and Meese 2nd. [Ahh now the trade with the expendables makes more sense… Daredevil gets paid for the futures of Reinhart. Hedman is presently injured but was in early Norris-contender talk. Bergeron is a valued piece in the BBY]

Meese send Komarov to the Bulldogs for Stralman [This is just a “GM Larry likes gritty leafs with some points upside and GM Nabber doesn’t mind Tampa players with points” deal of walk-on level players that maybe are worth holding after all]

Styles send Zajac and Beleskey to the Marauders for Colborne [Zajac has been injured and underperforming to his past stats ever since GM Hoss picked him up, he’s also a player GM Josh has held in the past. Beleskey is a depth part for the Marauders and not really needed by the Styles. The most interesting piece in the deal is the hot-starting Colborne who plays in Calgary –a team GM Hoss has been known to collect. If Colborne keeps it up, or even mostly keeps it up and Zajac doesn’t bounce back this is a steal for the Styles. Colborne is still young enough that we’re years away from knowing if this deal is bad for the Styles]

Tongue trade Lecavalier and Frolik to the Daredevil for Domi, Niskanen and Emelin [underwhelming but name-brand Lecavalier (though hurt at the time of the deal) and mid-range performer Frolik for an interesting prospect, a late depth d-man and a d-man that has a hot start and no pedigree for keeping that up despite being pretty old. An interesting trade really…]

Daredevil flips Lecavalier with B.Richards, J.Jokinen and Meese 2nd to the Sens for Kunitz and Spalding [Kunitz is on fire, Spaling isn’t doing much at the time of the trade. Lecavalier didn’t even spend a day on the Daredevil roster, while Richards and Jokinen are off to lukewarm starts with 4 points. This could go several ways, but as long is the Daredevil is deep he puts the best player into the lineup statistically out of this.]

Badgers send Abdelkader, Ekblad and Spartans 1st to the Elite for Hossa and Weiss [A weird deal as it is unclear what the Elite franchise direction is with this deal (if this is not part of a series of moves to come) as he has taken on the d-man prospect, the clearly over-achieving been-a-third-liner my whole career Abdelkader and playing prospect D-man Ekblad along with a 1st that shouldn’t end up in the lottery for Hossa (an elite scorer in decline) and Weiss (a guy that is running out of chances to be useful in a pool)]

Marauders send Lehtera, Gionta to the Badgers for Erat, Stempniak [Badgers pay for the intriguing walk-on in Lehtera and decide to play Gionta over Martin whom they had just acquired in a depth deal (two prospects for Martin) with the Marauders. Marauders get two guys they play.]

Badgers send Baertschi, Guts 2nd and Expendables 2nd to the Expendables for Bickell [Baertschi is an AHLer with unknown upside at this point as he is taking a long time… two second rounds picks for a player that really has only had one good playoff. Seems like a lot to pay  –unless Bickell can develop an 82-game productive version of himself. This could be a steal for the Badgers looking back]

Badgers send Erat and Stempniak to the Marauders for Gionta and Lehtera [former KHLer Lehtera was a very intriguing walk-on as nearly any team might have played him. Gionta is doing very little in Buffalo to the point where he could be walked off. Erat and Stempniak are old and reliable as depth. Stempniak has been very hot in his ranger start, but he’s been ultra streaky in the past.]

Month 2

Tongue send Bozak and Garrison to the Badgers for Nylander, Brodie and Spartans 2nd [Tongue cashes out veteran assets for futures]

Pepperalls send Bolland to the Marauders for Gelinas [Pepperalls have a lot of injuries, including Bolland and Gelinas was a walk on with enough points to justify the Marauders playing him month 2. At the time of this deal Gelinas has 0 points in 10 days of playing for GM Josh. Risk to Marauders is low as Gelinas is a young defenceman and most of them are lucky to hit 40 points]

Marauders send Neil, Ladd, Belesky and Ritchie to the Tongue for Niskanen, Legwand, O.Jokinen, Bergenheim and MacArthur [Tongue lose “doing it now” veterans for the usually steady veteran Ladd (off to a slow start) and the prospect Ritchie. That’s the core of the deal for him]

Marauders send Legwand to the Badgers for Chimera and Laich [bottom-tier players due to age and/or history. A pretty minor deal. Legwand is potentially more-useful to a contending team in need of depth than what the Badgers are presently doing… expect a flip.]

Pepperalls send Lupul and Horton to the Marauders for Zajac, Irwin and Laich [Pepperalls lose faith in Lupul’s ability to be healthy before ever playing him, gain an extra walk off body along with the less productive in recent years Zajac. Marauders clearly betting that Lupul is a single roster slot points upgrade.]

Pepperalls send Gardiner, Nieto and Fleischman to the Styles for Stewart, Briere and Dupuis [Styles get 2, possibly 3 playing guys that are better right now. Dupuis has blood clots and may be done, Stewart has done almost nothing so far in Buffalo this year and Briere has 1 point at the time of the deal. Pepperalls logic was “1-2 I walk off it able, but if I don’t get walk-ons then I sit and hope”]

Styles send Saad and Backes to the Expendables for Roussel, Yakupov, Baerstchi and Elite 2nd [Styles lose the more-proven parts but take on upside]

Pepperalls send B.Boyle to the Marauders for Dekeyser [an exchange of walk ons]

Sens send Byron to the Badgers for Ceci [an exchange of walk ons]

Badgers send Kelley, Kruger, Martin, Richardson and Daley to the Marauders for Bogosian, B.Boyle, Delzotto and Fountaine [A bottom-roster, arguably bottom-farm parts shuffle]

Badgers send Badgers 1st to the Radials for Byfuglien [Badgers buy a solid veteran part]

Guts send O’Reilly, Hartnell, R.Carter to the Elite for Girgensons, Doan, Abdelkader, Ekman Larssen, Elite 1st, Spartans 1st [Guts cash out some veterans. Carter and Girgensons are hard to quantify at this time. Ekman Larssen is prized as an up-and-coming star. The two first shouldn’t be in the lottery both either could slip down in theory] 

Sens  send D.Boyle to the Marauders for Daley and Richardson [Walk on shenanigans]

Tongue sends Okposo and Grigorenko to the Daredevil for Nyqvist and Oshie [Okposo was thought untouchable, Daredevil dangled the rising-star? Nyqvist and the dependable Oshie (who isn’t old). Daredevil was deep at this juncture so this is a move for more points in a single roster slot for him.]

Marauders send D.boyle to the Badgers for Gionta. [Badgers get something? For the previously valueless Gionta. A good month does that for a player.]

The Badgers send Etem to the Meese for Semin [Meese take on the 22 year old with upside for an unreliable veteran who doesn’t look very good at the moment]

The Badgers send Zibanejad, E.Kane and Namenstikov to the Radials for Parenteau, Vrbata, Burns and Radials 2nd [GM Dunlop reacquires a favourite boy in Evander Kane. Zibanejad is putting up decent numbers without getting pool respect. Badgers just loaded up in the now]

Badgers send Steen, Moulson, Bickell, Byron and Delzotto to the Pepperalls for Franzen, Acrobello, Purcell, Martinez and Perrault. [Badgers stay active and acquire a quantity of playing and scoring roster players. Moulson listed as injured (ill) at this time and not really scoring much in Buffalo, Steen doing okay but outscored by Franzen. Most of the other Pepperall-acquired assets nobody would presently want to play.]

Badgers send Gagner, Booth and Radials 2nd to the Guts for Tanguay and Weise. [Badgers give up a bit of upside for right-now scoring in Tanguay]

The Guts then strip Stastny of his Captaincy and ship him off  to the Pepperalls for Moulson and Edler. [Statsny returns to the Pepperalls after years away. Guts banking on Moulson getting going in Buffalo and Edler returning to form.]

Pepperalls send Steen, Stastny and C.Stewart to the Elite for Maata, Jurco, Tlusty and Duchene. [Elite pays for the now power of 2 blues with the expectation they will be hotter in the 2nd half. As a true contender this is also a “use the asset to win rather than lose in free agency for nothing” kind of deal. Pepperalls are counting on Duchene to bounce back from a poor start and at least one of Maata or Jurco to really establish themselves as valuable as they get older. Tlusty is a low-risk throw in here.]

Expendables acquire Parise and Hickey from the Marauders for Draisaitl, Hertl and Expendables 1st. [Expendables make a deal that would have BBY gm’s taking either side of the equation. If the Marauders might be planning a series of moves or we’ll see Draisaitl move in the next year or two if GM Josh is contending and needs to cash out a chip (if he isn’t earning his keep)]

Pepperalls acquire Zucker from the Guts for Scandella [Guts wanted the hot scoring (for a young dman) Scandella and Zucker is interesting. Any team could hold Zucker, and at this point any team could re-enter him in the draft. That’s the nature of more prospecty than made it young players.]

Pepperalls acquire Legwand, Fontaine and B.Boyle from the Badgers for Grabner, Pouliot and Enstrom [Fontaine and Boyle were doing nothing at the time of this trade. Legwand plays for the Pepperalls whereas the other 3 were all hurt. Legwand is also a long-standing part of Pepperall history. Call this one a sentimental overpay of minimal painful consequence. Badgers still win it handily.]

Sens Acquire Thornton from the Marauders for Nielsen, Roy, Virtanen and Meese 2nd [Sens legend Thornton comes back to help with the push. Some gms wondered why GM Josh was even shopping Thornton at this time.]

Daredevil acquires Stempniak, Bolland, Dorsett, O.Jokinen and Meese 2nd from the Maraduers for Spaling and Goligoski [A top team with no drops acquires a mittful of them.]

After January roster switch

Expendables send Harrison and Expendables 2nd to the Marauders for Roy. [GM Josh gets paid well for a guy most would have walked off a few months ago (Roy having a pitiful start to the season)]

Expendables send Ekman Larsson and Doan to the Badgers for Lehtera, Arcobello and Garrison [Lehtera is stealthy becoming a sought-after pool commodity. He’s not presently playing well enough to make the Expendables deep roster but this could really haunt GM Ben down the road.]

Expendables send Backes, Connor Brown, Arcobello and Marauders 2nd to the Marauders to get Neal and Harrison [Neal and Backes (this year with Neal in Nashville) are pretty much the same player with debatable upside. Most likely agree that Neal is more-likely to do better so dare we say it… a fair pay by the Expendables?]

Marauders send Expendables 2nd and Marauders 2nd to the Badgers for Ekman Larssen [2 picks for a young 40 point proven dman with 50 point upside. Sure. One good second wouldn’t have raised eyebrows much either. This deal is more odd in “what is the direction?” since the picks likely could have been added on with players to help the Badgers upgrade.]

Badgers send Hossa and Weise to the Daredevil for Hedman, Grigorenko, Ma.Granlund and Meese 2nd. [Hedman has been an animal most of the last 2 seasons and was hurt when this deal happened. Hossa is a stronger offensive piece, though occasionally hurt. Grigorenko and Granland are hard to value among BBY gms.]

Expendables send Grabovski to the Badgers for Ma.Granlund and Expendables 2nd. [Injured and not doing that well Grabovski turns into a prospect that may be able to be upsold and a 2nd round pick]

Marauders send Ekman Larssen to the Radials for Namenstikov and Daredevils 1st [sure-fire late round first pick and a questionable (at this time) prospect for a 40 points easy dman who presently has a 50 point ceiling. Logical buy for the Radials as it shores up his depth for the current head-to-head and Ekman-Larssen is very young –this is the team that has rode Yandle for 5+ years after all]

Badgers acquired Elias from the Marauders for Franzen [Badgers lose the injured player in a swap of elderly players]

Expendables acquire Nyqvist, Toffoli, Spartans 2nd, Tongue 2nd from the Tongue for M.Johansson and Ehlers [At the time of the trade this is an overpay for the Tongue. However, he’s been great at evaluating talent so look back in 3 years]

Guts acquire Pouliot, Bogosian, Meese 2nd, Marauders 2nd from the Badgers for Winnik and Simmonds [What would an open auction of Simmonds netted? Nemesis for example is a Philly fan]

Guts acquire Dekeyser, Zajac and Legwand from the Pepperalls for Desharnais, Pearson, Upshall and Guts 2nd [Guts get players with points on the month, Pepperalls take a slumping Desharnais, out for the season but hot rookie Pearson, and no present value Upshall]

Guts acquire Roy from the Expendables for Muzzin, Meese 2nd, Marauders 2nd [GM Chad sells Roy for 2 better 2nds than the one he gave up and a useable (not by him, but plays for nearly everyone else) Muzzin vs. the slightly less valued Garrison.]

Marauders send Goligoski to the Pepperalls for Tlusty [A deal GM Wayne described as “Something no one will look back on in five years”]

Pepperalls send Bickell, B.Boyle and Guts 2nd to the Guts for Trochek and Wingels [context is the ever-teasing “I will be a late-blooming power forward like Bertuzzi” Bickell was having a hot month. Trochek was back in the minors and Wingels was hurt, so basically GM Rez got “doing it now” in exchange for “not helping me right now”. We’ll assume the Pepperalls saw future benefit.]

Badgers send Bozak, Weiss, Semin and Grigorenko to the Marauders for Backes, Gionta, Tlusty and Kelly [Leafs had gone cold (Bozak), Weiss was doing okay (then got hot right after the deal) whereas the Badgers were really buying the lava-hot Backes.]

Guts send King, Hayes, Radials 2nd and Guts 2nd to the Pepperalls for Delzotto and S.Jones [Pepperalls give up the player they like best in the deal (Jones) citing GM Rez “offering enough that we had to”. Del Zotto and Jones both had 7-8 point months vs. King and Hayes 2-4. Hayes potential and the picks swayed pickless GM Bobby we would say]

Badgers send Enstrom to the Radials for Rielly [Enstrom should outscore Rielly in the short term, Radials are in the head-to-head and not wanting to finish embarassingly low. Badgers are deep so they didn’t need Enstrom to play]

Badgers send Backes and Kelly to the Daredevil for Boychuk and Okposo [Okposo hurt so Daredevil had to do a deal if he was serious about pushing to win. Backes was lava-hot at this time. Most would call this a long-term win for GM Ben (assuming Okposo stays on his last two year ppg and actually ever plays a full season)]

After the February switch

Pepperalls send Jurco, Byron, Fontaine and Radials 2nd to the Marauders for Erat, Semin and MacAurthur. [Josh benefits from a quiet and tight trade market in getting a prospect of some value in Jurco and an early second for 3 players most of the pool wouldn’t currently play or even keep at seasons end. Pepperalls (again) trying to get some bottom roster depth that will get more than 1 point a month… and maybe…maybe… did]

Spartans send Bonino to the Meese for Hodgson [once-prized Hodgson is discarded by the Meese for a reliable guy that has had a down year vs. his normal range of production]

Pepperalls acquire Rielly from the Badgers for Myers and Savard [Pepperalls finally get their man (Radials had drafted Rielly right ahead of them this past draft. Badgers banking on Myers as a Jet being more valuable. Savard has same calibre of points as the other two but likely gets re-entered]

Marauders acquire Purcell, Winnik, Martinez, Gionta from the Badgers for Grigorenko, C.Brown, Fontaine and Byron [mostly farm not-want-to-play parts shuffle here]

Spartans send M.Ryder to the Marauders for Gionta [presently 2 players of minimal value]

Marauders send Purcell to the Pepperalls for Guts 2nd [Pepperalls pay for another depth piece with a pick that projects out to about where Purcell would likely be redrafted were he in the draft]

Radials send McGinn, Coyle and Sens 1st to the Elite for O’Reilly [Radials buy a player for the Head-to-head, Elite restocking a bit to deal with free agency and another contend next season… does this mean he’s done pushing this year?]

Spartans send Hodgson to the Bulldogs for Smith Pelley [GM Larry was unhappy with Smith Pelley becoming a Hab so he auctioned him off, thereby proving he could do a trade (even though he did moves earlier in the season)]

BBY Deadline Day 2015:

Marauders send Hertl to the Styles for Plekanec [veteran for proven younger with upside. GM Hoss let’s go of a long-held asset]

Marauders send Plekanec to the Badgers for Perrault and Elias [GM Josh does the fast flip, for the younger with same (or better) points Perrault (presently out for weeks) and the very old Elias]

Spartans send Carter, Marleau and Cammelleri to the Daredevil for Wheeler, Strome and Frolik [GM Jake gets younger. Some are mystified that Carter (an LA player) would be moved considering the season he is having without a league-wide auction. Daredevil loads up even more in the now]

Spartans send Strome and Heatley to the Pepperalls for Desharnais [Strome blinks and is no longer a Spartan. Desharnais just had argubably the hottest month of his career. Heatley is a dead body at the time of this deal]

Marauders send Weiss to the Pepperalls for Upshall and Heatley [GM Josh continues his love of Florida. Pepperalls were over cap by a body and didn’t play Weiss. Nothing to see here at the moment.]

Pepperalls send Demers to the Elite for R.Carter [A swap of droppable guys, Demers worthy of spot duty for a month on any team which is what GM Dustin did with him.]

Marauders send Expendables 1st, Daredevils 1st, Radials 2nd and Guts 2nd to the Sens for Ribiero and Lecavalier [Sens sell when 10 points out of third place, 38 up on 5th –some don’t like that, others see it as wise. Marauder buy old when sitting low in the standings and not in the head to head.]

Sens send Zetterberg and Vermette to the Elite for Sens 1st, Huberdeau and Soderberg [A pick that shouldn’t fall to the lottery, Huberdeau whom is loved and the semi-useful Soderberg for a prize (Zetterberg) and a two-way player that is tricky (Vermette). Elite didn’t play Vermette which makes one wonder why he was in the deal.]

March Trades

Badgers send Grigorenko and Doan to the Pepperalls for Higgins, Weiss and King [Badgers bought early on some playoff parts (King ended up out) and the Pepperalls got a young player with upside and an old player that most would call a drop]

Marauders send Kruger and Heatley to the Sens for Radials 2nd  [GM Scott being sentimental and wanted Heatley back? Kruder as a playoff part? Hard to say…]

Elite send Vermette to the Marauders for Radials 2nd [Elite cash out a player they likely would have dropped, but not a terrible buy for the Marauders who need depth for next season]

Expendables send Parise, Saad, Expendables 2nd and Spartans 2nd to the Daredevil for Marleau, Backes and Jeff Carter [GM Chad gains free agency bait and tosses in picks he barely paid for in the first place… This is somewhat of an attempt at free agency dodge by GM Wayne as well?]

Pepperalls send MacArthur, Grigorenko, Doan and Goligoski to the Guts for Henrique [Pepperalls give 1 player with the same stats (MacArthur) but throw in a solid prospect and serviceable dman, as well as whatever Doan now is. A clear win to the Guts in the present.]

Expendables send Backes and Marauders 2nd to the Elite for Zetterberg [Won’t call this one a free agency dodge, but certainly a maneuvering. Blues stockpiling for the playoffs for the Elite as well…]