The value of Picks

It is amazing to this reporter that the value of picks is so low. let look at this for a moment. This year is an expansion year, there is going to be an extra 21 players in the pool by the start of next season.

Every team in the pool is giving the number 11 guy on our rosters, after your protected 10 are put in, to the expansion team.  so every team in the pool needs to draft. now if you don’t start drafting till the 4th round, what are you drafting? the expansion team is seeded into the draft so he will get a shot at the same depth we will. starting in the 4th round you can expect to get what? a 30 point guy? this is only compounded if you need to draft several players.

so if your a team in the rebuild, why do picks not hold value with you? why would any of the teams who are in the bottom 6 in the standings have no picks? why would a team in last place not trade an over 30 d-man to get some picks?

How can any team rebuilding not have a 1st? a 1st is worth a 50 point player, or a prospect that was ranked in the top 10 In the hockey news rankings.

As much as the top teams need to make trades to compete for the win, the bottom teams need to make trades or have the best picks , if they ever want to compete.