The Spartans


The Spartans                          

Based out of the Spartan Death Pit in Severn Township, ON

The GM

GM Jake apprenticed under legendary Scout Valley Bulldog Owner Bob Sr., operating as “Little Quinn”. This playful moniker was meant to mock the relative inactivity of that franchise, and in no way has ever accurately described GM Jake’s unleashed approach to the BBY. Past yearbooks predicted “expect an active trader and a team that won’t be happy at the bottom for long.” In reality, GM Jake played himself happily to the bottom for 2 full seasons. His team ripened fast and he’s been a dangerous contender ever since. Unlike so many BBY GMs, GM Jake sacrifices players to go for it on a steady basis. He trades guys he likes for guys that are scoring more, even if the hot player is too old, too unreliable, or just plain unlikeable. The Spartans is engraved on the championship trophy more than most teams in the BBY.


The BBY expansion of 2007 saw GM Jake get promoted from “assistant GM” status to a real GM with his own team: The Spartans.  Rumours that fans were lobbying for “The Pinocchio’s” (You’re a real boy now!) persist to this day. He chose the manly name of Spartans due to the popular film of the day that he recognized a kindred spirit in: King Leonidas of Sparta.

Season Finished Points
2008 16th 495
2009 16th 513
2010 3rd 821
2011 1st 891
2012 2nd 857
2013 (lockout) 4th 431
2014 4th 734

The Logos

spartan 20072007-2009

The original Spartan imagery was a somewhat generic Conan the Barbarian with an axe picture (similar to what is pictured here). GM Jake contends that this logo never should have made it to public release as other versions that were more Spartanish had been created and were supposed to be used. The public only saw Conan.

saprtan 20092009

King Leonidas (long-time staff member) was honoured as the official logo for one season.


Iconic Spartan war helmet logo is simple and to the point.


The MVPs

Season MVP Points
2008 Andy McDonald/Dustin Brown 52
2009 Mike Green 73
2010 Steven Stamkos 95
2011 Steven Stamkos 91
2012 Steven Stamkos 97
2013 (lockout) Steven Stamkos 57
2014 Ryan Getzlaf 84

The Captains

Season Captain Points
2007 Andy McDonald 52
2008 Dustin Brown 53
2009 Eric Staal 60
2010 Steven Stamkos 95
2011 Steven Stamkos 91
2012 Steven Stamkos 97
2013 (lockout) Steven Stamkos 57
2014 Steven Stamkos  40
2015 Steven Stamkos  

The Staff

Name Position(s) Service
King Leonidas Trainer, Coach, unassigned?, Coach 2009, 2010-2012, 2013-present
Scarjo (Scarlett Johannsen) Coach, undefined role?, Coach 2009-2010, 2012-2013
Teemu Selanne Head Coach 2014
Kat Dennings Assistant Coach, Water Girl, Comedian, everything else 2014

GM Jake hired King Leonidas and Scarlett Johannsen early on, however the official records only show their roles as of 2009. This is further complicated by the fact they have flip-flopped as the Coach. Scarlett was fired early in the 2013 season and was immediately scooped up by GM Dustin of the Elite. Teemu Selanne enjoyed a solid run to end his career a Spartan. GM Jake hired him on before the retirement announcement was even official, downgrading Leonidas to assistant coach but re-instating him as Head Trainer. Possibly the most convoluted staff history for someone who has only used 4.

The Arch Enemy

GM Jake is ultra competitive. He is frustrated by sleepy GMs “Who have aging assets that are doing nothing for them. They should cash them out!”. He particularly dislikes GM Wayne, who seems to have a knack for getting that sleepy GM to do their “one trade this 6 month period” even if it is a player that GM Jake has been asking for a crack at acquiring for 2-3 years.

On a head-to-head basis, there is no one GM Jake likes beating more than GM Wayne. He also seems to relish being ahead of GM Dunlop of the Steel Belted Radials the past couple of seasons though. GM Dustin was clearly attempting to rile him by immediately hiring the dismissed Spartan Coach Scarlett Johannsen, but it remains to see if GM Jake will rise to that bait.

The Draft

Draft Year 1st selection and position taken (if known)
2007 Kyle Turris (3rd)
2008 Steven Stamkos (1st)
2009 John Tavares (1st)
2010 Alex Burmistrov (5th)
2011 Jaromir Jagr (20th)
2012 Mathieu Perrault (37th)
2013 Max Domi (11th)
2014 Fabri (34th)