The Departed: Former GMs of the BBY

DallasCarnage … the first expansion GM, he joined prior to the founding season and picked from the leftovers a better team than a couple of other still active GMs. He was pushing first place hard the 2nd season, made an ill-advised blockbuster deal that destroyed that hope and was gone from the BBY shortly thereafter.

ShannonPuTang Clan…  Hip Hop lovin’ GM Shannon was a GM that claimed to know nothing of hockey.  He was more into football and basketball.  GM Shannon loved to rub the noses of other GM’s that he beat them despite not being a real hockey fan.  A great trash talker a despite his modesty a really good GM.  He did exactly what  a good GM should do during the original draft and made the types of trades a good GM does in order to finish the job.  One of the greats.

ChrisDamn Yankee…  This GM came into the GM with hype and failed to deliver.  Best known for trying to pull a stunt of trading his entire roster to the Marauders prior to quitting.  This was the move that brought the invention of the infamous commissioner veto rule.

KevinSteel Dragon …The legend of “Strong Top End, no depth to finish with” starts with GM Kevin. He could have pushed for the win with his core players at any point in the first 4 seasons… but didn’t. He was a good trash talker and fun to beat. He made smart trades, grabbing undervalued assets on the rise. Highly likely to have remained a top GM he left the BBY after 8 impressive seasons.

Brian67 and Counting… Sadly forgettable. GM Brian gave up after one terrible season, and we really don’t know who he was or what he could have done.

SteveSnow Wolves …Totally underappreciated at the time, GM Steve didn’t start with much as an expansion team but drafted a bunch of players that would have made him a top team if he had waited 2 more years. The lesson is… don’t build your hopes on 18-21 year olds if you aren’t going to give it 5 years to pan out.

JeffAlcoholics…  This GM took over the former Carnage after the departure of GM Dallas.  Taking over this team at a time when youth was valued above all else GM Jeff proceeded to put his own mark on this top team by ripping it apart and selling most of the high end talent for very high end prospects.  Unfortunately for GM Jeff his crop of 18 year olds came from one of the most disappointing draft crops (Chistov, Svitov, Tuomo Ruutu) essentially wasting years waiting on young high end talent that never panned out.  GM Jeff did stick around long enough to begin plan B and started to build a very respectable team.  This GM is still highly regarded and respected by other GM’s as one of the best GM’s to leave the pool.

SarahMatrons…  This GM followed a little of the GM Jeff mold  of taking over a team and trading away the better players for her own crop of young players.  Like GM Jeff she found out that if you decide to ride a bunch of young guys and they take a while to pan out or don’t pan out it can be a long slow way to build.  By the end of her time in the BBY she had taken a team the was stripped down to something that can only be described as horrible to a team that was upper mid-pack and retired as the only GM to quit with money in her pocket after winning the head to head in her final year as GM.   Her team got destroyed by the GM that took it over otherwise it was thought by many it would have been a top half team for quite a while.  Oh ya and did we mention she was the first chick GM in BBY history?

Bob Sr.Bulldogs… The legendary no talking, no trading (but once a year…) I like my guys better than your guys even if your guys are younger and better. GM Bob Sr. began the occasioanally copied practise of using an assistant to run operations. He was one of the first GM’s to drafting veteran depth as a priority and saw steady points gains much of his BBY career, but never fast enough to improve his lower mid-pack status. His latter year assistants were draft gurus, as Bulldog drafts from those seasons have resulted in solid BBY players.

RyanIceholes… Another underated GM in respects to drafting. Ryan wasn’t the most responsive GM, which didnt garner him many allies.  Very intelligent GM if he was more active and stuck around a few years longer it would have been interesting to see where he could have taken his team.

DaveBomb Squad … This GM came in and took the BBY by storm finishing much higher than projected in only his second year in the BBY.  Subsequently this GM was the first winner of the “Best GM in the BBY” as voted on by member of the BBY for the Yearbook.  The bloom fell off this rose quite quickly when his team failed to back up that one great season.  GM Dave struggled to trade for and finished too high to draft a top end talent.  Eventually he tore his team down but was too impatient to complete the re-build.