The Daredevil


The Daredevil                          

Based out of the Bass Lake Doghouse in Oro-Medonte, ON

The GM

Past yearbooks predicted “Expect GM Wayne to start to settle into his current line-up and watch his boys grow. He has shown he is a bit of a team collector. Buffalo seems to be his team of choice.” Basically that yearbook was mostly wrong as GM Wayne has stayed super-active on the roster overhauling. He won a championship that way and is sticking with his methods. He does like to collect teams, but frequently changes teams (even mid-season). He also likes to reacquire players he has traded away in the past, even after sometimes badmouthing them repeatedly. He’s even trying to teach his little brother to be the same as him.


The BBY expansion of 2006 saw GM Wayne bring in his The Daredevil franchise along with Brian and his 67 and Counting Franchise. Brian fizzled out in one year, his team mismanaged into dissolution by the league. GM Wayne has mismanaged his team into contender status on multiple occasions. His team name comes from his son Matthew Murdoch (aka Daredevil’s secret identity) in one of the more clever/amusing BBY team name origins.

Season Finished Points
2007 15th 487
2008 10th 683
2009 3rd 851
2010 2nd 825
2011 13th 623
2012 16th 568
2013 (lockout) 1st 510
2014 2nd 761

The Logos


GM Wayne has always used an image of Marvel Comics Daredevil as his logo. This image has changed at least once, but not that significantly. Since this character has no hockey connection it is actually kind of fresh.  However, even the newer editions of the yearbook in which most logos print crisply, this one is a bit busy and lacking in contrast/clarity of details. Overall it is conceptually one of the better logo ideas in the BBY, but in implementation one of the lesser.

The MVPs

Season MVP Points
2007 Mike Cammalerri 80
2008 Jason Pominville 80
2009 Nik Backstrom 88
2010 Nik Backstrom 101
2011 Nik Backstrom 65
2012 Alex Ovechkin 65
2013 (lockout) Mike Ribiero/Ryan Getzlaf 49
2014 Patrick Sharp 55

The Captains

Season Captain Points
2007 Jarret Stoll 39
2008 Scott Gomez 70
2009 Nik Backstrom 88
2010 Nik Backstrom 101
2011 Nik Backstrom 65
2012 Alex Ovechkin 65
2013 (lockout) Alex Ovechkin 15
2014 Nik Backstrom  51
2015 Derek Stepan  

The Staff

Name Position(s) Service
Wanda Maximoff (Scarlett Witch) Public Relations 2014-present
Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) Trainer 2014-present

GM Wayne steadfastly maintained that he needed no staff until halfway through his 8th season.

The Arch Enemy

GM Wayne is naturally dislikable as an opponent. Pretty much any team in the league is happy to beat him, though some of the newer GM’s have yet to do so. Ultimately though, it is GM Jake of the Spartans that he relishes conquering.

The Draft

Draft Year 1st selection and position taken (if known)
2006 Colby Armstrong (10th)
2007 Alexei Cherepanov (6th)
2008 Cody Hodgson (56th)
2009 Evander Kane (4th)
2010 Ryan Johansen (65th)
2011 Grant Clitsome (38th)
2012 Chris Higgins (49th)
2013 Tuomo Ruutu (32nd)
2014 Nik Goligoski (23rd)