Sven’s Heroes


Sven’s Heroes                          

Based out of the Horjuy Porjuy Kitchen Sweden (actually Barrie, ON)

The GM

GM Tony was a “hands off owner” of his BBY franchise for a few seasons, allowing his assistant Jeff to do the frontline communications. The past few seasons have seen GM Tony reassert control of his franchise’s destiny. He’s put together a fantastic young lineup, but hasn’t moved quickly when trade opportunities were potentially calling. Some aging assets (such as Brad Boyes as a notable example) have peaked in value and probably would have helped this team more if they had been shipped out strategically a season or two ago. On the flip side, making a limited number of moves has prevented GM Tony from cashing out his young players  early and them becoming more than some thought they would be  –so he reaps the benefit of his vision and faith.


This was a founding franchise of the BBY in 1999 by GM Larry, who ran his Rednex in his own Cowboy way until the infamous “Backstrom vs. Toews bet” with GM Wayne of the Daredevil caused GM Larry to retire (he came back –see Bulldogs). In 2008 GM Tony took over the franchise and renamed them to suit his Swedish heritage.

Season Finished Points
2000 7th 659
2001 9th 664
2002 7th 751
2003 5th 763
2004 5th 754
2006 6th 861
2007 9th 731
2008 9th 695
2009 8th 742
2010 8th 663
2011 11th 648
2012 7th 685
2013 (lockout) 9th 383
2014 3rd 736

The Logos

rednexRednex era

GM Larry chose a caricature representation of “The Duke” (John Wayne) as his symbolic ideal of redneckism. It worked great as a logo.



svenSven’s Heroes 2008-present

GM Tony entered the BBY with a lot of pro-Sweden fanfare. The Swedish chef photo image is immediately recognizable and a fun choice for this franchise. This logo doesn’t transfer well to a jersey, but perhaps that isn’t a concern to GM Tony?


The MVPs

Season MVP Points
2000 Doug Gilmour 73
2001 Petr Sykora 66
2002 Eric Lindros 73
2003 Milan Hedjuk 94
2004 Joe Sakic 87
2006 Jaromir Jagr 84
2007 Jarome Iginla 94
2008 Jarome Iginla 98
2009 Jarome Iginla 89
2010 Ryan Kesler 75
2011 Ryan Kesler 73
2012 Jordan Eberle 76
2013 (lockout) Taylor Hall 50
2014 Tyler Seguin 84

The Captains

Season Captain Points
2003 Steve Sullivan 61
2004 Eric Lindros 32
2005 (lockout) Steve Yzerman  
2006 Steve Yzerman 34
2007 Jarome Iginla 94
2008 Jarome Iginla 98
2009 Jarome Iginla 89
2010 Jarome Iginla 69
2011 Ryan Kesler 73
2012 Jordan Eberle 76
2013 (lockout) Taylor Hall 50
2014 Taylor Hall  69
2015 Tyler Seguin  

The Staff

Name Position(s) Service
Eugene Levy Coach 2003-2008
Rowan Atkinson Assistant 2003-2008
The Swedish Chef Coach 2008-present

The Arch Enemy

GM Tony cryptically calls his arch-rival “The Tax Collector”.

The Draft

Draft Year 1st selection and position taken (if known)
1999 Bryan Berard (3rd)
2000 Nik Antropov (7th)
2001 Sergei Brylin (13th)
2002 Bryan McCabe (1st)
2003 Tyler Arnason (2nd)
2004 N/A as he did not select
2005 Andrew Cogliano (21st)
2006 Jonathan Toews (3rd)
2007 MA Pouliot (56th)
2008 Sheldon Souray (11th)
2009 Jordan Eberle (10th)
2010 Taylor Hall (1st)
2011 Carter Ashton (39th)
2012 Filip Forsberg (10th)
2013 Justin Schultz (8th)
2014 Brock Nelson (15th)