Based out of the Calgary Hoss-pital in Calgary, AB

The GM

The western cowboy, “A man’s man amongst a sea of pansies”, GM Hoss does it his way, all the way. Past yearbooks described GM Hoss as: “The hard luck champion… Hoss manages to put together [a team] of underachievers and injury-prone [players] no matter how good it looked at the time”.  Hoss has been a particularly patient and steady GM in the BBY. His western perspective has given him an advantage in drafting dark horse talent that he has seen play in Calgary (whether for the Flames or not) compared to the eastern timezone bias of the rest of the pool. In recent seasons we have seen this team steadily improve, to the point of being considered a contending team. However, injuries continue to be GM Hoss’ bane.


GM Hoss brought the Styles into the BBY in 2001. Put his name and the team name together (Hoss-styles) and you’ll get the joke… or not.

Season Finished Points
2002 11th 488
2003 10th 608
2004 8th 591
2006 13th 563
2007 12th 605
2008 12th 611
2009 14th 548
2010 6th 748
2011 9th 689
2012 12th 627
2013 (lockout) 15th 339
2014 15th 575

The Logos

styles 20032003-2011

For 8 years the Styles organization was represented by a “Cool looking duck with red hair, glasses and a cell phone sitting on a beach chair”. This logo (not exactly as shown) was complex and seldom printed clearly in the yearbook. It was a nightmare for putting on a jersey as well, but did earn points for being bizarre.


GM Hoss decided something more stylish and hockey-related was necessary. He went with the local (to him) WHL Hitmen for logo inspiration. His theft of the original pink & black version (in honor of Brett Hart) fits beautifully with Hoss’ reputation as a fashionista.

The MVPs

Season MVP Points
2002 Matt Cullen/Teppo Numminen 48
2003 Saku Koivu 71
2004 Vaclav Prospal 54
2006 Saku Koivu 62
2007 Saku Koivu 75
2008 Saku Koivu 56
2009 Stephen Weiss 61
2010 Sidney Crosby 109
2011 Louie Eriksson 73
2012 Tomas Plekanec 52
2013 (lockout) Sidney Crosby 56
2014 Skinner 52

The Captains

Season Captain Points
2003 Saku Koivu 71
2004 Saku Koivu 49
2005 (lockout) Saku Koivu  
2006 Saku Koivu 62
2007 Saku Koivu 75
2008 Saku Koivu 56
2009 Saku Koivu 50
2010 Sidney Crosby 109
2011 Sidney Crosby 66
2012 Sidney Crosby 37
2013 (lockout) Sidney Crosby 56
2014 Ryan Suter  43
2015 Ryan Suter  

The Staff

Name Position(s) Service
Haken Loob Coach 2003-2009
Lanny McDonald Assistant Coach 2003-2009
Kent Nilsson Assistant Coach 2003-2009
P&P Jim Peplinski 2003-2009
Patrick Starfish Goalie Coach 2009-2013
Spongebob Coach 2009-2013
Naheed Nenshi Coach 2013-present

The Arch Enemy

The Styles traded the franchise player in Sidney Crosby to the Badgers for “The parts to win”. Those parts (Henrik Sedin, Daniel Sedin, Jeff Skinner and Nail Yakupov) have been streaky and a bit injured ever since GM Hoss acquired them, and the 2013 season saw GM Hoss give up on the Sedins. Sidney (who was hurt most of the 4 years GM Hoss held him) has been healthy and ripping up the league… needless to say GM Hoss wants to see GM Ben and his Badgers, especially Crosby, fail on all counts. Note: The Styles passed the Badgers to not finish last in the final week of the 2013-2014 season.

When asked directly which team he would label as a rival, GM Hoss quickly proffers the Expendables as the team to kick. BBY observers are noting this as a trend.

The Draft

Draft Year 1st selection and position taken (if known)
2002 Chuck Kobasew (27th)
2003 Niko Kapanen (7th)
2004 Fred Sjostrom
2005 Ryan Stone
2006 Phil Kessel (2nd)
2007 Johan Franzen (73rd)
2008 Miroslav Satan (9th)
2009 N/A did not select
2010 Jonathan Cheechoo (47th)
2011 Linus Omark (16th)
2012 Roman Cervenka (5th)
2013 N/A as he did not select
2014 Johnny Gaudreau (26th)