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Based out of the Keswick Corel Centre in Keswick, ON

The GM

Past yearbooks described GM Scott as: “GM Scott looks at points and points alone. If the player is 38 and has 70 points, who cares that he is 38 and on his third hip? Sens fans want to win now”. This accurately describes how GM Scott has approached the BBY since about 2006. Prior to that he was boringly stagnant and not really a competitive threat, needless to say that post 2006 GM Scott has been one of the best we’ve ever seen.


GM Scott is the founding co-commissioner of the BBY. His franchise has been in play since the original 1999-2000 season. The story of his team name reportedly is that “Scott loved the Ottawa Senators from their Alexandre Daigle era. He also likes to skate so he put them together.” This does sound like something GM Scott would do…

Season Finished Points
2000 3rd 905
2001 3rd 1019
2002 4th 819
2003 2nd 1004
2004 7th 723
2006 1st 1131
2007 1st 1085
2008 5th 771
2009 7th 730
2010 5th 810
2011 2nd 867
2012 4th 742
2013 (lockout) 12th 362
2014 1st 771

The Logos


Skating Sens Logo1GM Scott used an image of Wayne Gretzky holding the Stanley cup cut into the Ottawa Senators “Trojan Helmet” logo. A creative idea in theory, it didn’t translate well to the primitive printing methods of the yearbook at the time.






GM Scott refined his concept, by putting Coach Stompin’ Tom into his logo. He still used an Ottawa Senator’s logo as the basis, but this time the result was breathtaking… among the best BBY logos of all-time.



Skating Sens Logo2008-2014

GM Scott decided he wanted his Soo heritage to be more obvious, so he stole the OHL Greyhound’s logo & tattooed Sens across its hind haunch. The wide rectangle shape is a bit odd for a hockey logo, but at least this one does print clearly.

Skating Sens 2014 - Circle2014-Present

GM Scott announced the new logo after his championship win stating: “A new logo is something our franchise deserves”. He went on to note the Canadore connection (where the BBY started) and the central image of Stompin’ Tom (which requires no explanation).

The MVPs

Season MVP Points
2000 Mike Modano 81
2001 Peter Forsberg 89
2002 Adam Oates 78
2003 Joe Thornton 101
2004 Joe Thornton 73
2006 Joe Thornton 125
2007 Joe Thornton 114
2008 Joe Thornton 96
2009 Joe Thornton 86
2010 Brad Richards 91
2011 Cory Perry 98
2012 Erik Karlsson 78
2013 (lockout) Thomas Vanek 41
2014 Erik Karlsson 74

The Captains

Season Captain Points
2003 Joe Thornton 101
2004 Joe Thornton 73
2005 (lockout) Joe Thornton  
2006 Joe Thornton 125
2007 Joe Thornton 114
2008 Joe Thornton 96
2009 Joe Thornton 86
2010 Joe Thornton 89
2011 Joe Thornton 70
2012 Cory Perry 60
2013 (lockout) Cory Perry 17
2014 Thomas Vanek  68
2015 Erik Karlsson  

The Staff

Name Position(s) Service
Stompin’ Tom Coach and Mascot, President 2003-2013
Wayne Gretzky Coach 2009-present
Dave N Fat Towel Boy 2009-present

The Arch Enemy

The Skating Sens want to beat the Steel Belted Radials and GM Dunlop. During his “sleepy GM years” it was GM Dunlop’s team that dominated with no real challenge, kicking his beloved Sens around like leftover turkey. He was the school yard bully and GM Scott isn’t going to take it anymore.

The 2013-2014 championship season fuelled fresh hate towards GM Scott from the failed contenders he calmly passed for the win. GM Tony (Sven’s Heroes) had to be sickened by how the Sens rocketed past him and GM Wayne of The Daredevil made it plain to all who read Officepools that he was disgusted by his own inability to beat a coasting down the stretch GM Scott. “I don’t need to trade my injured Zetterberg” said GM Scott and he proved his point.

The Draft

Draft Year 1st selection and position taken (if known)
1999 Peter Forsberg (4th)
2000 Dany Heatley (6th)
2001 Scott Young
2002 Andy MacDonald (22nd)
2003 Alex Perezhogin (26th)
2004 Dan Boyle (23rd)
2005 Alex Mogilny
2006 Niklas Kronwall (41st)
2007 Marek Zidlicky (53rd)
2008 Sergei Fedorov (41st)
2009 Evgeny Grachev (14th)
2010 Casey Wellman (62nd)
2011 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (2nd)
2012 Adam Henrique (2nd)
2013 Johnathan Drouin (2nd)
2014 Erik Johnson (35th)

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