SB Radials


Steel Belted Radials                 

Based out of the Tire Dome in Barrie, ON

The GM

Past yearbooks described GM Dunlop as: “One of the most boring GM’s in the league.” This comment may have been accurate at the time, but rings hollow today. Other past comments such as: “A reputation for drafting and growing his players… …for drafting youth. …build[ing] a solid young team that GM Josh envies” still hold true today. GM Dunlop drafted intelligently from the get-go and worked from a position of strength the first decade of the BBY. He’s been tinkering much more the past 4 years, and clearly invested towards a youth movement by the end of the 2012-2013 season –motivated in part, no doubt, by the betrayal of long-time franchise star Ilya Kovalchuk. So while his teams have not done as well statistically the past few seasons, he is a much more intriguing study as a GM. The desire to win again is clearly building…


GM Dunlop is the founding commissioner of the BBY. His franchise has been in play since the original 1999-2000 season. The team name comes from his last name of Dunlop and the “Steel-belted” tire ads that were popular when he was growing up (tire companies don’t really advertise that feature anymore since it isn’t so special). This team name has most often been shown as “SB Radials” for the duration of the BBY, and rumours of GM Dunlop officially shortening the name to just “Radials” have been around for some time.

Season Finished Points
2000 5th 819
2001 4th 882
2002 3rd 853
2003 1st 1006
2004 4th 796
2006 2nd 1067
2007 2nd 1052
2008 1st 1003
2009 1st 1014
2010 1st 951
2011 3rd 813
2012 3rd 792
2013 (lockout) 2nd 461
2014 6th 693

The Logos


GM Dunlop was challenged at first to find the right logo. Ironically, GM Bobby of the Flyin’ Pepperalls recalled that there used to be Canadian Tire money with a running tire character on it. A little research discovered that the “Running Tire” version of Canadian Tire money was printed in 1961… and only 1961 (way before both of their times so how GM Bobby remembered this is beyond all reason). The fact that the tire is clearly running away with the money only further cemented this as the logo to be.  This remains one of the best logos in the entire BBY. It is unique, not used by other hockey organizations and matches up with the franchise name and philosophy. The only knock against this logo over the years has been the poor resolution. The rendition pictured here is actually one of the best quality images ever found of it.

The MVPs

Season MVP Points
2000 Teemu Selanne 85
2001 Teemu Selanne 72
2002 Pavol Demitra 78
2003 Peter Forsberg 106
2004 Ilya Kovalchuk 87
2006 Sidney Crosby 102
2007 Sidney Crosby 120
2008 Ilya Kovalchuk 87
2009 Sidney Crosby 103
2010 Henrik Sedin 112
2011 Daniel Sedin 104
2012 Ilya Kovalchuk 83
2013 (lockout) Henrik Zetterberg 48
2014 David Krejci 69

The Captains

Season Captain Points
2003 Alexei Yashin 65
2004 Viktor Kozlov 33
2005 (lockout) Brendan Morrison  
2006 Brendan Morrison 56
2007 Ilya Kovalchuk 76
2008 Sidney Crosby 63
2009 Sidney Crosby 103
2010 Alexander Semin 84
2011 Alexander Semin 54
2012 Ilya Kovalchuk 83
2013 (lockout) Ilya Kovalchuk 27
2014 David Clarkson  7
2015 Keith Yandle  

The Staff

Name Position(s) Service
Paul Newman (Reg Dunlop) Coach 2003-2008
Colin Farrell Assistant 2003-2008
Elizabeth Hurley Euro Scout 2003-2009
Benicio Del Toro Head Scout 2003-2009
Hilary Duff Coach 2008-present
Miley Cyrus Assistant Coach 2009-present
Carrie Underwood Background duties 2008-present
Evanka Osmak Assistant GM (and brains) 2013-present

Tracking GM Dunlop’s staff is tricky. The official record is shown above, and GM Dunlop himself had this to say:

“We are a family run organization. Hillary Duff was brought in because I had Mike Comrie when they started dating.

Miley Cyrus was signed by mistake when GM Dunlop trash talked as Duff referring to her playing the character Hannah Montana…later realized Duff and Montana were not the same person.  Reluctant to admit this embarrassing blunder instead he announced the signing of Cyrus.

Underwood was brought in when Mike Fisher started dating her in 2008…she is a present member although more in the background.”

The Arch Enemy

The Steel Belted Radials were so far above the rest of the pool in firepower for a run of seasons that a hate/ignore relationship sort of developed. Don’t get us wrong, every GM in the BBY likes to beat GM Dunlop, just some of them have never done it so they seem to have lost hope of ever doing so (even when the SB Radials are at their most vulnerable shape ever).

The one team that always seems to be close to SB Radials is the Sens. It is well known that GM Dunlop loves beating GM Scott. Now that the Sens are closing in on the all-time titles record (3 for the Sens, 4 for the Radials) look for the competition between these two to intensify.

The Draft

Draft Year 1st selection and position taken (if known)
1999 Teemu Selanne (6th)
2000 Scott Gomez (1st)
2001 Ilya Kovalchuk (1st)
2002 Alexie Morozov
2003 PM Bouchard (10th)
2004 Marek Svatos (14th)
2005 Andrei Kostitsyn (11th)
2006 Bryan Little (25th)
2007 Ryan Callahan (52nd)
2008 Pascal Dupuis (32nd)
2009 Teddy Purcell (35th)
2010 Tyler Ennis (13th)
2011 PM Bouchard (36th)
2012 Chris Kreider (13th)
2013 Nathan MacKinnon (1st)
2014 Sam Bennett (3rd)

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