S.V. Bulldogs

Scout Valley BulldogScout Valley Bulldogs                 

Based out of the Metropolis of Sebright, ON

The GM

GM Larry is a BBY founder as the original owner of the Rednex (Now Sven’s Heroes) franchise. He retired from the BBY in 2008, only to be lured back by Bob Sr.’s charm and irresistible offer. Past yearbooks described GM Larry as: “What we like to call a team collector”.  His original draft strategy was “all the leafs in alphabetical order except Sundin because I don’t like him” (Look up the early seasons of his former franchise to see how that worked out). He became known for collecting Chicago Blackhawks and Calgary Flames as well.

Team collecting meshes well with the Scout Valley Bulldog situation as former owner Bob Sr. also liked to collect Leafs and Hawks. He also had a thing for the California-based teams due to his assistants… GM Larry has slowly let go of the California players (aside from franchise anchor Anze Kopitar), while taking ownership of the “Trade Freeze” slogan Bob Sr. made famous. Every once in a while, GM Larry opens up a window of trading and does some moves. The current version of GM Larry is on the cusp of his highest finish ever.


This franchise joined the BBY in 2001 as the Scout Valley Bulldogs under the Ownership of Bob Sr. who quietly employed a variety of assistants (the most noteworthy of whom would later become GM Jake of the Spartans). Bob Sr. negotiated a transfer of the Bulldog legacy to former BBY GM Larry (retired from the Rednex) at an Alice Cooper Concert at Casino Rama in 2011, they transitioned the team over a season to acclimate GM Larry to the team culture. Since 2012 the Scout Valley Bulldogs have been under the 100% control of GM Larry. At one time it was thought that former owner BoB Sr. had dropped the “Scout Valley” from the team name. He was adamant that this was not so. However, the fan base and rival GMs all refer to this team simply as the “Bulldogs”. Time will tell if GM Larry decides to shorten to the common usage.

Season Finished Points
2002 10th 548
2003 12th 558
2004 11th 500
2006 12th 598
2007 10th 722
2008 11th 659
2009 10th 674
2010 11th 634
2011 7th 695
2012 14th 610
2013 (lockout) 10th 381
2014 11th 638

The Logos

Scout Valley Bulldog2002-present

”Spike” the bulldog from Warner Bros. Looney Toons cartoon series has been the logo for this franchise all along.


The MVPs

Season MVP Points
2002 Mike Peca 60
2003 Todd White 58
2004 Mike Ribiero 58
2006 Scott Niedermeyer 63
2007 Scott Niedermeyer 69
2008 Mike Ribiero 83
2009 Mike Ribiero 78
2010 Anze Kopitar 81
2011 Jonathan Toews 76
2012 Anze Kopitar 76
2013 (lockout) Chris Kunitz 52
2014 Anze Kopitar 70

The Captains

Season Captain Points
2003 Ulf Dahlen 36
2004 Ulf Dahlen 0
2005 (lockout) Mike Ribiero  
2006 Mike Ribiero 51
2007 Mike Ribiero 59
2008 Mike Fisher 47
2009 Anze Kopitar 66
2010 Anze Kopitar 81
2011 Anze Kopitar 73
2012 Jonathan Toews 57
2013 (lockout) Jonathan Toews 48
2014 Jonathan Toews  68
2015 Jonathan Toews  

The Staff

Name Position(s) Service
Spongebob Squarepants Coach 2003-2009
Squidward Assistant 2003-2009
Michael Jackson Waterboy 2003-2009
Maxwell Smart Coach 2009-2013
Agent 99 Assistant 2009-2013
Bugs Bunny Coach 2013-2014
Andrea Black Coach 2014-present

The Arch Enemy

GM Larry identifies The Spartans as his arch-enemy. We suppose after years of resentment he has forgiven the Monster Meese for the Donut scandal and likewise decided to let bygones be with GM Wayne of the Daredevil for that whole Backstrom vs. Toews fiasco. Where is the root of this Spartan hatred? We have no idea… but look forward to watching it play out!

The Draft

Draft Year 1st selection and position taken (if known)
2002 Robert Reichel (9th)
2003 Mattias Weinhandl (5th)
2004 Nils Ekman (3rd)
2005 Anze Kopitar (3rd)
2006 Chris Kunitz (7th)
2007 Jere Lehtinen (29th)
2008 Max Pacioretty (44th)
2009 Nazim Kadri (6th)
2010 Wayne Simmonds (7th)
2011 Evgeny Kusnetsov (13th)
2012 Mark Schiefele (9th)
2013 Mats Zuccarello (7th)
2014 Smith-Pelley (7th)