Rule Book

BBY Hockey Rule Book
Updated January 2015


Mike D. is the Commissioner.  His vote counts equal to everyone else’s but as the person that does all the tedious work (monthly stats and roster changes) any rule changes must be consider ease of implementation for him and must be consistent with the mission statement of the BBY. Bob Hawkins Jr. is the Co-commissioner and Scott O. is the deputy commissioner.

Competition Committee:

The competition committee is made up of the commissioner and 4 members of the BBY to determine rules and make rules that affect all BBY franchises.  Members of the Committee should represent the entire BBY.   A motion needs 80% approval to pass.  60% could force a league wide vote and 40% the rule is not passed.  Rule changes shall appear in future BBY Yearbooks or on the BBY website if one is active.  Every year two positions in the committee will be up for re-election.  Each summer an election will decide who takes those spots.


Membership in the BBY costs $25 per year.  This fee includes regular season, 1 on 1, Playoff entry and yearbook.  Dues must be paid at or before the annual draft.  Unpaid dues will result in loss of the franchise.


Prize structure can be found in the Boom Bye Yay Yearbook.


After the BBY Draft each team shall have 22 players.  After the first game of the season an additional 3 roster spaces will be added to each team.  Minimum roster size is 15 players.  Maximum Roster size is 22 during the summer months and 25 during the season.  Teams that go over the maximum number of players on a roster will be required to drop a player from the pool with no compensation given (no waiver wire).  Playing roster will remain at 15.  Roster size rules are not in effect between the end of free agency and the draft.

Team Play:

15 Players will be named by the last day of each month via e-mail to the commissioner and must be received by 10pm EST.  The remaining players will be placed on the “farm”.  Player changes occur once each month.  Should this date or time need changed the commissioner will provide notice.  It will be the responsibility of the GM to contact the Commissioner of any changes for the following month.

One on One:

Will be an NCAA March Madness style tournament.  Players will be seeded according to the stats end of November and play head to head in December.  Losers in December will continue on to compete for the Thong and Winners will compete for the Silver Glove. January until seasons end will be a one loss  elimination style tournament with the losers each month being removed from the tournament.

Eligible Players:

Teams are expected to play a roster of active NHL players to the best of their abilities.  Failure to make necessary changes (i.e. Remove an announced long term injury or minor league player that hasn’t played in the NHL for over a month) could result in the commissioner replacing said player with the worst statistically eligible player on the team’s roster.

Captain Rule:

Within one week of the draft each team will be asked to name a player captain. The captain must play every month unless injured or inactive in the NHL. This player is not tradable. Should a GM wish to strip a player of the captaincy they would be required to forfeit a 2nd round pick. After stripping a player of the captaincy the former captain can be traded and played like any other player.


Players may be traded as well as draft picks.  Draft picks may only be traded for the current season only.  Only rounds 1 and 2 may be traded.

You must notify the commissioner prior to a trade being official. It is highly recommended to carbon copy emails of a finished trade to the commissioner.

The commissioner may veto a trade in the best interest of the league.  Before vetoing a trade the commissioner will consult the Competition Committee to gauge opinion.  This remains the ultimate decision of the commissioner and will hopefully never be used.

Cuts and Walk On’s

Month one through month four, each team 11th through 16th (as of the 24th of the month) in the standings will have the opportunity to drop as many guys from its roster as the GM wishes.  These players will be immediately released from the pool.  All drops must be in by the 24th of the month.

During months one and two each team that has an empty roster spot and is eligible to receive a walk on will be allowed to fill one empty roster spot without losing a player.  All empty roster spots created as a result will be filled in by the commissioner on the 25th by assigning the top undrafted veteran player.  Assignment order will be to fill every empty roster spot on the bottom team first and work on up to the top team.  Players will be assigned based on current points only.  Age, team uniform, fondness for the player, injury, ect., will not be taken into consideration by the commissioner when assigning players.  In the event of a tie among players to be assigned, ties will be broken by the officepools order of listing points.  There will be no appeals or requests process.  You don’t like the guy you got trade them.

During months three and four each team that drops a player from the pool will be compensated with the next available draft pick (starting in the 3rd round).  These picks will be assigned with a draft position (ie. 38th pick) and will not be affected by draft lotteries or finish positions.  The picks will be assigned one pick at a time worst-best, worst-best until all drops are accounted for.  These picks are tradable.  Please note if there is a tie for a prize pick both prize winning teams will still receive a prize pick and therefore the 38th overall pick could end up being the 39th overall pick.  Order will remain the same.

Death and Retired Player Compensation

After two months any player that dies during the regular season will be automatically dropped from the pool and the top available veteran player (based on officepools) will be assigned to that team and be made available for play the next month.

When a player retires from the NHL his BBY team will have an immediate 1 time option to drop that player for the next available walk on.  Should the BBY team choose to drop him the player will be immediately removed from the pool.  Should the BBY team choose to keep the player the player would be treated like any other active BBY player (tradable and can be dropped only at designated walk on or draft times).  Should a retired player remain inactive (actually retired, unsigned and not playing) for one calendar year the player will be walked off for the next available walk on automatically.

Free Agency/Minimum Draft Drops:

1st place protects 4  loses 3  gets no return for losses and drops 3 back into the draft

2nd place protects 7  loses 2  gets no return for losses and drops 3 back into the draft

3rd place protects 8 loses 2 gets no return for losses and drops 3 back into the draft

4th place protects 9  loses 1  gets no return for losses and drops 2 back into the draft

5th place protects 10  loses 1  gets no return for losses and drops 2 back into the draft

6th place protects 11  loses 1  gets no return for losses and drops 2 back into the draft

7th place through 9th no free agency losses and drops 3

10th place through 12th no free agency losses and drops 2

13th place through 14th no free agency losses and drops 1

15th place through 16th no free agency losses and drops 0

Each team will also be allowed to make one first round pick eligible for free agency if they choose.

Free agency draft order will be determined by a lottery from 16th through 7th finishers who get 1 lottery chance each. All eligible teams go into a lottery 1st ball picked gets first pick, 2nd ball gets 2nd, 3rd gets 3rd…..


The annual draft will be held in May as arranged by the commissioner.

A draft lottery will be held in which the bottom 9 teams go into a lottery to determine draft order…1st ball gets 1st pick, 2nd ball gets 2nd, 3rd gets 3rd…. The rest of the draft order is reverse or of finish (so the winner is slotted last in each round).

One week prior to the draft all draft drops must be named.  This is to provide time for GM’s submitting lists to get their list made and sent in early in order to avoid e-mail errors or tech problems preventing them from getting the players they want.

Re-entry of players into the draft minimums are as per the free agency rules. A team may exceed the minimum and re-enter as many players as they like.

The draft continues until all rosters are full (see rosters for cap rules).

Teams unable to attend the draft should submit a sealed list that will be opened at the draft and read by a person in attendance that is deemed unbiased.  Any draft list that is found short will be considered finished and no other players will be selected.  Failure to submit a list will result in loss of draft picks for the year in question.

Any team that forfeits picks by way of failure to submit a list or if the submitted list runs out prior to their last pick will be permitted to fill out the remaining holes in their roster within one week of draft day.  After one week empty roster spots will be filled using the walk on rules. Should this rule effect more than one franchise rosters will be filled in by a first come first serve basis.

Any current NHL drafted or NHL draft eligible player can be selected.  Retired players aren’t eligible.


All ties affecting draft seeding, free agency or pick awards will be broken based on points per games played.  The team with the higher points per game will be placed higher in the standings.  In the unlikely event that the teams remain tied the team with the lowest points in the final month of the year will be placed higher in the standings.

All ties involving the top 3 positions in the standings  will involve an even split of prize money and the tied teams will be subject to the rules for free agency for the highest finish.  Free agency will be extended to account for the additional lost free agents.  Draft seeding will still be determined based on the above rule.

Any ties involving the same draft pick award will result in another pick being awarded in the same draft position and a coin flip will determine which team drafts first. 

Relocation of a franchise:

In the unlikely event of a team leaving us the commissioner will perform necessary tasks to keep the team active until new ownership can be found.

Stats and Records

Officepools shall be the official stats.

Summer Break

One week after the last player is selected in the draft the league will take a break until September 15th. During this time there will be no official trading.

Unmentioned Rules

Of course some rules may not be mentioned in this list.  These rules have been found to be common sense and information or questions regarding legality can be sent to the commissioner.  An example of this is the points (i.e. assists and goals each count as 1).


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