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Based out of the Architects Archive Room in Barrie, ON

The GM

Past yearbooks described GM Shawn as “a new, enthusiastic and fresh GM”


This franchise expanded into the BBY for the 2002-2003 season as the Bomb Squad, under the direction of GM Dave. In 2013 GM Shawn took ownership of the team.

Season Finished Points
2003 11th 590
2004 3rd 797
2006 4th 887
2007 3rd 953
2008 2nd 824
2009 11th 691
2010 14th 566
2011 14th 605
2012 10th 649
2013 (lockout) 13th 348
2014 13th 632

The Logos

bomb 2002Bomb Squad 2002

GM Dave had the black spy of “Spy Vs. Spy” fame as his logo for his inaugural season. He claimed this logo was never sanctioned and attempted to have all record of it permanently destroyed. The redacted version shown here has the “Bomb Squad” name removed from it.

bomb 2003Bomb Squad 2003-2013

GM Dave reworked a classic Boston Bruin “spoked B” by adding a fuse to resemble a bomb and lettering “Brampton” into the outer rim to denote his then home location. He used this logo as-is for the remainder of his seasons in the BBY, despite leaving Brampton for Milton.

nemesisNemesis 2013-2014

This “logo” is a photo of a paper-bag wearing person. We have no explanation.



Nemesis LogoNemesis 2014-Present

GM Shawn has provided the definitive look for his franchise: The Nemesis is your death. “Pretty cool that they play hockey with scythes” noted Strombo. Don Cherry’s comment was simply “Now that’s tough”.


The MVPs

Season MVP Points
2003 Martin Havlat 59
2004 Cory Stillman 80
2006 Brian Rolston 79
2007 Jaromir Jagr 96
2008 Shane Doan 78
2009 Shane Doan 73
2010 Wojtek Wolski 65
2011 Drew Stafford 52
2012 Stephen Weiss 57
2013 (lockout) Patrick Elias 29
2014 Jakub Voracek 62

The Captains

Season Captain Points
2003 Daniel Briere 58
2004 Ryan Smith 59
2005 (lockout) Ryan Smith  
2006 Daniel Briere 46
2007 Daniel Briere 95
2008 Daniel Briere 72
2009 Daniel Briere 23
2010 Kyle Okposo 52
2011 Kyle Okposo 20
2012 Kyle Okposo 45
2013 (lockout) T.J. Oshie 20
2014 Jakub Voracek  62
2015 Brayden Schenn  

The Staff

Name Position(s) Service
Larry David Coach 2009-2013

No current staff have been employed. GM Shawn can neither confirm nor deny that he is interested in filling out his front office.

The Arch Enemy

GM Shawn seldom rocks the BBY boat by speaking out. It is fitting then, that he has named the Expendables as his arch-rival as that is clearly the popular choice among BBY gms circa 2014.

The Draft

Draft Year 1st selection and position taken (if known)
2002 Niklas Hagman
2003 Tomas Vanek (6th)
2004 Paul Mara
2005 Marek Zagrapan
2006 Lauri Tukonen
2007 Kyle Okposo (17th)
2008 Mason Raymond (33rd)
2009 Viktor Tikhonov (42nd)
2010 Alex Steen (4th)
2011 Brian Boyle (32nd)
2012 Nikita Nikitin (54th)
2013 Hunter Shinkaruk (13th)
2014 Calle Jarnkrok (6th)