MMeeseMonster Meese                 

Based out of South Hampton Gardens in prestigious Brampton, ON

The GM

Past yearbooks described GM Nabber as “The most aggressive GM in the league… …[he] would sooner slit your throat than talk to you. He is a winner and knows it. In fact he wears that fact like a tattoo on his forehead”. This may have been true long ago, but GM Nabber is definitely in a mellow “peace, love and brotherhood” stage of his GMing career. His lineup appears to be coming together and is one of the most promising young roster in the entire BBY.


GM Nabber is a BBY founder with this franchise having been in play since the original 1999-2000 season. Legend has it that the team name comes from GM Nabber’s homeland of Bracebridge where the only cows are moose. This team was a powerhouse franchise for years and only recently dropped out of reliable contender status.

Season Finished Points
2000 1st 922
2001 2nd 1062
2002 1st 933
2003 3rd 909
2004 2nd 814
2006 5th 871
2007 7th 799
2008 4th 811
2009 2nd 854
2010 4th 812
2011 8th 692
2012 5th 693
2013 (lockout) 11th 373
2014 14th 596

The Logos


The Monster Meese have made one change to their logo: after the publication of the 2013 yearbook they dropped the “lucky horseshoe” that had surrounded their logo throughout the glory years of the organization. This change was not made with fanfare or an announcement of any sort, but anyone looking at the yearbook from 2002-2013 can clearly see it.

MMeese2013-present day

The “New” Meese logo, remains a brilliant modification of the former Manitoba Moose logo. The uniqueness comes more from the name than the logo, but it works so well that it lets this team get away with it and remains one of the best name/logo combos in the BBY.


The MVPs

Season MVP Points
2000 Owen Nolan 84
2001 Patrick Elias 96
2002 Markus Naslund 90
2003 Daniel Alfredsson 79
2004 Patrick Elias 81
2006 Eric Staal 78
2007 Vincent LeCavalier 108
2008 Vincent LeCavalier 92
2009 Martin St. Louis 80
2010 Martin St. Louis 94
2011 Martin St. Louis 99
2012 Marion Gaborik 76
2013 (lockout) Brad Marchand 36
2014 Milan Lucic 59

The Captains

Season Captain Points
2003 Owen Nolan 54
2004 Jaromir Jagr 74
2005 (lockout) Zigmund Palffy  
2006 Zigmund Palffy 42
2007 Eric Staal 70
2008 Vincent LeCavalier 92
2009 Vincent LeCavalier 67
2010 Vincent LeCavalier 70
2011 Martin St. Louis 99
2012 Marion Gaborik 76
2013 (lockout) Marion Gaborik 19
2014 Dion Phaneuf  31
2015 Milan Lucic  

The Staff

Name Position(s) Service
Garth Brooks Coach 2003-2013
Dwight Yoakham Assistant 2003-2009
Willie Nelson Doctor 2003-2009
Rita McNeil Trainer 2003-2009
Mats Sundin Assistant 2009-present
Megan Fox Assistant 2009-present
Blake Shelton Coach 2013-present

The Arch Enemy

GM Nabber has a long-standing feud with GM Larry (formerly of the Rednex, now Bulldogs) over a bet for some donuts years ago. Most of the feud stems from GM Larry forgetting to pay up his bet.

The Draft

Draft Year 1st selection and position taken (if known)
1999 Paul Kariya (5th)
2000 Marty Reasoner
2001 Jeff Halpern
2002 Jiri Dopita
2003 Rotislav Olesz (25th)
2004 Todd Marchant
2005 Gilbert Brule (2nd)
2006 Jere Lehtinen (29th)
2007 Kris Letang (14th)
2008 Andrew Ladd (17th)
2009 Mikhail Grabovski (13th)
2010 Brandon Yip (34th)
2011 Brad Marchand (7th)
2012 Dustin Penner (40th)
2013 N/A as he did not select
2014 Ondreg Palat (4th)

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