Based out of his garage in Coldwater, ON

The GM

GM Josh has been the subject of much commentary in past yearbooks in respects to his plan(s). We appear to be at a crossroads in his GM career as his team is strongly composed in the top end roster and really is only lacking sure-thing depth in the bottom to be a solid contender for several years. Needless to say, GM Josh appears to be on his game. He does like to make trades though, and this may end up being his undoing as far as earning that elusive 2nd championship win.


GM Josh expanded into the BBY in the year 2000, making him one of the longest-serving members of the BBY today. He was the league champion in his fourth season in the league, and the first non-founding team to win it all.

Season Finished Points
2001 10th 527
2002 8th 637
2003 8th 707
2004 1st 883
2006 10th 693
2007 16th 480
2008 6th 769
2009 15th 534
2010 16th 484
2011 15th 569
2012 11th 640
2013 (lockout) 5th 416
2014 11th 638

The Logos

marauders 20022002-2003

The original Marauder logo had a buccaneer-type fellow in a fists-down-ready-to-fight kind of pose. It looked sort-of like the sample shown .

marauders 20032003-2007

GM Josh never liked his “Metallica M” logo, mostly because he doesn’t like Metallica.


mara2007-present day

The current logo is a modified “Captain Canuck” with Marauder elements. A very busy logo in dire need of a higher resolution rendition to bring it up to modern BBY standards, at least it is unique.


The MVPs

Season MVP Points
2001 Ray Ferraro 36
2002 Adam Deadmarsh 52
2003 Brad Richards 74
2004 Martin St. Louis 94
2006 Henrik Zetterberg 85
2007 Henrik Zetterberg 68
2008 Henrik Zetterberg 92
2009 Nathan Horton/Michal Frolik 45
2010 Lee Stempniak 48
2011 Jason Spezza 57
2012 Jason Spezza 84
2013 (lockout) Martin St. Louis 43
2014 Jason Spezza 66

The Captains

Season Captain Points
2003 Fred Modin 40
2004 Martin St. Louis 94
2005 (lockout) Martin St. Louis  
2006 Martin St. Louis 61
2007 Henrik Zetterberg 68
2008 Henrik Zetterberg 92
2009 Nathan Horton 45
2010 Kyle Wellwood 25
2011 Jason Spezza 57
2012 Evander Kane 57
2013 (lockout) Evander Kane 33
2014 Evander Kane  14
2015 Aleksander Barkov  

The Staff

Name Position(s) Service
Bruce Campbell Coach 2003-present
Mary Poppins Mascot 2003-2009
Edge and The Edge Assistants 2003-2009
Bruce Willis Trainer 2009-present
“Bones” McKoy Medical Staff 2009-present
“Mystery Voice” Role unknown 2013-present

The Arch Enemy

The Marauders #1 all-time rival is GM Rez of the Guts ‘n’ Glory. They don’t see running a BBY franchise the same at all and the both love destroying each other in the standings. It has been especially amusing the years both of them managed to be terrible yet still battle it out with each other.

GM Josh isn’t content with one rival though. He regularly bad-mouths GM Wayne of the Daredevil and GM Jake of the Spartans. He loves being ahead of GM Dunlop of the Steel Belted Radials as well, but that has only happened a few brief moments in BBY history.

The 2013 season saw the clear establishment of a rivalry between the Elite and the Marauders, with GM Dustin practically saying “Show it on the scoreboard Pierre” (Pierre is GM Dustin’s pet name for GM Josh). GM Josh didn’t really take the bait when GM Chad of the Expendables tried to provoke him at season’s end in 2014, so it remains to be seen if a rivalry is brewing there.

The Draft

Draft Year 1st selection and position taken (if known)
2001 Martin Lapointe (17th)
2002 Donald Brashear (6th)
2003 Alex Ovechkin (1st)
2004 Darryl Bootland
2005 Guilliame Lattendresse (27th)
2006 Jason Pominville (9th)
2007 Paul Statsny (1st)
2008 Jared Staal (28th)
2009 Chris Pronger (16th)
2010 Angelo Esposito (50th)
2011 Nick Foligno (54th)
2012 Guilliame Lattendresse (53rd)
2013 Alexander Barkov (3rd)
2014 N. Ritchie (25th)