Guts & Glory

gutsGuts ‘n’ Glory                 

Based out of the Bloody Circle Arena, the location is classified (Southern ON)

The GM

Past yearbooks described GM Rez as “The wild card that doesn’t always get the credit he deserves”. Critics are fast to say “He doesn’t hold players long enough” but his record clearly shows more loyalty than the Flyin’ Pepperalls mustered in their first 7 years in the BBY. Several players have had distinguished part-careers under GM Rez. He used to collect Boston Bruins, but seems to not care for that any more. Patrick Marleau has been the “favoured son” off and on over the past few years.  He likes to make trades, and enjoys the long-drawn auction sale better than perhaps any other GM in the BBY. He has an uncanny hockey sense for identifying talent, for example: several GM’s in attendance at the 2010 draft thought it was insane to draft PK Subban “So early” in the 8th overall slot. Looking back in hindsight, most would now rank Subban around 4th of that draft class.


The Guts ‘n’ Glory was an expansion team in 2003 and has always been owned by GM Rez. The team name was rumoured to be from a former GM Kevin quote “It takes guts to achieve BBY glory”. However, GM Rez did not know GM Kevin prior to joining the BBY so reliability of this tale is suspect at best. GM Rez has never attempted to clarify the story behind the naming of his team though.

Season Finished Points
2004 13th 490
2006 9th 705
2007 5th 802
2008 8th 709
2009 9th 711
2010 13th 591
2011 12th 618
2012 13th 611
2013 (lockout) 16th 318
2014 7th 683

The Logos

guts 20032003-2011

2003 The Guts ‘n’ Glory mysteriously ended up with a logo featuring Mega Man and his dog Rush. GM Rez never officially supported this logo, but didn’t see fit to replace it for 8 years making it one of the longest-running logos in BBY history when it was retired in 2011.


guts2011-present day

The current Guts ‘n’ Glory logo is a line drawing of the Marvel Comics character Wolverine, often titled “Bloody Claws” if one is to go searching for it. GM Rez wanted something feral & vicious. Wolverine works great, this particular image probably doesn’t translate well onto a hockey jersey, but there are a lot of options to work with within this “theme” as it were.

The MVPs

Season MVP Points
2004 Dick Tarnstrom 41
2006 Patrice Bergeron 73
2007 Evgeni Malkin 85
2008 Evgeni Malkin 106
2009 Evgeni Malkin 113
2010 David Krejci 47
2011 Phil Kessel 64
2012 Patrick Marleau 64
2013 (lockout) David Legwand 25
2014 Ryan O’Reilly 64

The Captains

Season Captain Points
2004 Teemu Selanne 32
2005 (lockout) Ladislav Nagy  
2006 Patrice Bergeron 73
2007 Patrice Bergeron 70
2008 Patrice Bergeron 7
2009 Evgeni Malkin 113
2010 Phil Kessel 44
2011 Phil Kessel 64
2012 Patrick Marleau 64
2013 (lockout) Eric Staal 22
2014 Patrick Elias  14
2015 Paul Statsny  

The Staff

Name Position(s) Service
Darryl Sittler Coach 2003-2009, 2012-present
Brad Marsh Assistant 2003-2009
Tom Watt Scout 2003-2009
Mike Kitchen Trainer 2003-2009
Trish Stratus Team Doctor 2009-present
Mark Messier Coach 2009-2012

The Arch Enemy

The Guts ‘n’ Glory spawn some of the best long-term rivalries in BBY lore. When asked to identify his rivals GM Rez pointedly names “GM Josh & GM Ben”. Note that most GMs name a team and not a specific person. We love it!

The Draft

Draft Year 1st selection and position taken (if known)
2003 Chris Higgins (33rd)
2004 Patrice Bergeron (10th)
2005 Dan Ryder (36th)
2006 Mike Sillinger (17th)
2007 Maxim Mayorov (21st)
2008 David Krejci(20th)
2009 Tyler Kennedy (21st)
2010 PK Subban (8th)
2011 Zach Boychuk (12th)
2012 Matt Read (52nd)
2013 Calle Jarnkrok (21st)
2014 Mark Giordano (9th)