Gene’s Tongue

geneGene’s Tongue                 

Based out of the Rock City Arena in Sudbury, ON

The GM

Past yearbooks described GM Kent as “a builder that uses youth” and questioned him for “How long until he gives up on players?”. The truth be told, GM Kent has been one of the best drafters and prospect developers in BBY history. He came into the pool with the huge splash of acquiring Alex Ovechkin for what turned out to be a discount price. GM Kent looks to be in the midst of a sudden rebuild after courting with a top-5 finish throughout the past few seasons.


This franchise was an original 1999 founding team of the BBY as the PuTang Clan under GM Shannon. Highly successful in GM Shannon’s short time at the helm, the team has remained respectable under GM Kent’s rule since 2003, making him one of the longest-serving GM’s in the BBY.

Season Finished Points
2000 4th 868
2001 1st 1070
2002 5th 815
2003 6th 746
2004 10th 524
2006 11th 607
2007 13th 585
2008 7th 732
2009 5th 796
2010 8th 653
2011 9th 675
2012 9th 661
2013 (lockout) 8th 402
2014 5th 705

The Logos

pu tang 2002PuTang Clan 2002

GM Shannon named his team in honor of his favourite (?) Hip-hop group the Wu-tang Clan. So he stole their logo for his own.



genes tongue 2003Gene’s Tongue 2002-2004

GM Kent gave his team such a descriptive name, it was easy to see the logo connection to the KISS reference of lead singer Gene Simmons. This was one of the first photo-image style logos used in the BBY, a tactic that doesn’t usually work but in this case was okay.


gene2004-present day

The current Gene’s Tongue logo is a more refined, cartoon caricature of Gene himself. This logo prints better in the yearbook than the previous photo-image logo. Looking closely, one will note the King Cobra silhouette the logo forms. This logo makes many BBY observer’s lists for “Best suited to the team name” & “original for a hockey pool”.

The MVPs

Season MVP Points
2000 Jaromir Jagr 96
2001 Jaromir Jagr 115
2002 Brendan Shanahan 75
2003 Sergei Fedorov 83
2004 Sergei Fedorov 65
2006 Alex Ovechkin 106
2007 Alex Ovechkin 92
2008 Alex Ovechkin 112
2009 Alex Ovechkin 110
2010 Alex Ovechkin 109
2011 Alex Ovechkin 85
2012 Claude Giroux 93
2013 (lockout) Matt Moulson 44
2014 Jamie Benn 79

The Captains

Season Captain Points
2003 Brendan Shanahan 68
2004 Sergei Fedorov 65
2005 (lockout) Sergei Fedorov  
2006 Alyn McCauley 26
2007 Alex Ovechkin 92
2008 Alex Ovechkin 112
2009 Alex Ovechkin 110
2010 Alex Ovechkin 109
2011 Alex Ovechkin 85
2012 Mike Richards 44
2013 (lockout) Claude Giroux 35
2014 Mike Richards  41
2015 Jaden Schwartz  

The Staff

Name Position(s) Service
John Brophy Coach 2003-2009
Ashley Judd Head Scout 2003-2009
Jeri Ryan Trainer 2003-2009
Rebecca Romijn Assistant GM, GM 2003-present
Milla Jovanich Chief Scout 2009-present
Wendel Clark Coach 2009-present

The Arch Enemy

GM Kent wants to defeat the Skating Sens. The 2013-2014 season saw circumstances fall perfect for a Tongue win but GM Scott swooped in on some trade parts first and ended up being the champ…

The Draft

Draft Year 1st selection and position taken (if known)
1999 Jaromir Jagr (1st)
2000 Andrew Brunette (5th)
2001 Steve Duchesne (38th)
2002 Shawn Bates (12th)
2003 Nathan Horton (11th)
2004 Andrew Ladd (8th)
2005 Bobby Ryan (4th)
2006 Dustin Boyd (4th)
2007 Steve Downie (8th)
2008 Claude Giroux (14th)
2009 Alex Pieterangelo (12th)
2010 Alex Steen (4th)
2011 Brian Bickell (19th)
2012 Carl Hagelin (14th)
2013 N/A as he did not select
2014 Nik Bjustad (14th)