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Based out of the Peppershaker 3:16 in Oro-Medonte, ON

The GM

Past yearbooks described GM Bobby as “a good drafter but an incredible trader”. Historically GM Bobby has made the most trades, played the most players, drafted the most and walked-off the most bodies. In recent seasons we have seen GM Bobby develop loyalty towards more than one player (Brendan Morrison was the only player genuinely treated well the first 7 years of this organization). The 2007 draft saw the entire Flyin’ Pepperall roster redrafted, with GM Bobby choosing to actually hold some of these players beyond the 2007 season. This increase in loyalty has allowed a few other GMs to surpass him in the seasonal trade activity, though not by much. At the same time, GM Bobby finally pulled off the win with a core group he had been building for several seasons and even kept some of them moving forward after that victory.


GM Bobby is a BBY founder with this franchise having been in play since the original 1999-2000 season. The team name comes from the 1998 OHL All-star game which many of the BBY founders attended. GM Bobby decided at that game to loudly cheer on an Erie Otter named Colin Pepperall –much to the enjoyment (or dismay) of the rather silent crowd at the event. When it came time to choose a team name, this seemed the obvious choice.

Season Finished Points
2000 8th 498
2001 6th 801
2002 2nd 881
2003 9th 670
2004 12th 492
2006 8th 799
2007 8th 796
2008 15th 548
2009 4th 835
2010 7th 740
2011 4th 799
2012 1st 915
2013 (lockout) 2nd 461
2014 9th 665

The Logos

pepperalls 20022002 (as main logo)

GM Bobby went with a classic-inspired Flying P logo. The observant will note the combination of a vintage Phillies P with the timeless Red Wings wing, executed in bright red. This logo is still in use by the organization today as a secondary logo, coloured to suit the background being used.

pepperalls 20132003-2004

2003 was a transition season for the Flyin’ Pepperalls organization after the disappointing loss to the Monster Meese in 2002, GM Bobby wanted a fresh start for his team. This new logo was sleeker and more modern and based off an Italian oil company or racing team (the story has become muddy over the years). Some versions existed with a bright lime/florescent green for the rectangle part of the P. While this logo was abandoned, mostly due to symbolizing the 2 darkest seasons in franchise history, the bright green remains the primary Flyin’ Pepperall team colour to this day.

Flyin Pepperalls Logo2004-present day

The current Flyin’ Pepperalls logo is rumoured to be a caricature of GM Bobby himself. The crazed eyes with their intense gaze forward, wild streaming hair, gritted teeth and slathering froth all seem accurate. We suppose the cigar is a stylistic touch. This logo maintained the traditional Flyin’ Pepperall red and contrasts with the bright green uniforms brilliantly (if not gaudily). At least one version with the Woodpecker having a bright green head was shared with the fan base as an alternative look. Described by past yearbooks as “The insane woodpecker logo” we know a careful researcher in automotive parts history (hence the “Mr. Horsepower” slogan) will find the source of this iconic image.

The MVPs

Season MVP Points
2000 Petr Sykora 44
2001 Alex Tanguay 77
2002 Jarome Iginla 96
2003 Brendan Morrison 71
2004 Brendan Morrison 60
2006 Scott Gomez 64
2007 Alex Tanguay 81
2008 Patrick Kane 72
2009 Zach Parise 94
2010 Patrick Kane 88
2011 Henrik Zetterberg 80
2012 Evgeni Malkin 109
2013 (lockout) Patrick Kane 55
2014 Evgeni Malkin 72

The Captains

Season Captain Points
2003 Brendan Morrison 71
2004 Brendan Morrison 60
2005 (lockout) David Legwand  
2006 Jeremy Roenick 18
2007 Brendan Morrison 51
2008 Matt Carle 15
2009 Patrick Kane 70
2010 Patrick Kane 88
2011 Patrick Kane 73
2012 Patrick Kane 66
2013 (lockout) Patrick Kane 55
2014 Patrick Kane  69
2015 John Tavares  

The Staff

Name Position(s) Service
Owen Wilson President, unassigned assistant 2003-2009, 2012
Jeremy Roenick Vice-President 2008ish
Johnny Depp Coach 2004-2009, 2011-2012
Kate Moss Trainer 2009-2011
Mr. T Trainer 2009-2012
Mike Bossy President 2009-2012
Emma Stone Water girl, promoted to Coach 2010-2012, 2012-present
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson President 2014-present (Did do a previous stint between documented hirings)
Harley Quinn Team Therapist 2014-present

The Flyin’ Pepperalls have used a lot of staff over the years. We know we haven’t captured them all on this list, but these are the ones of official record and significance.

The Arch Enemy

The Flyin’ Pepperalls had an intense rivalry with the Monster Meese stemming from what many called the “Punk-faced stunt” victory the Monster Meese cruised to in the 2001-2002 season. The hard-charging Flyin’ Pepperalls fell flat in the final month whereas GM Nabber played three players with minimal stats on the season for that final month who proceeded to rip it up (he played them for the Free agency rules at the time requiring players to have played). This rivalry was one-sided for years after with the Monster Meese being a superior team for much of the first decade of BBY history and the Flyin’ Pepperalls being a bottom feeder. Recent seasons have seen roles reversed, though we expect when the Monster Meese rise again, GM Bobby will be seeking to crush them.

GM Chad of the Expendables put forth a major effort to trash talk down the Flyin’ Pepperalls at the end of the 2013-2014 season. The Pepperalls were running 6 injuries most of a long roster switch and held on to squeak out an unlikely victory, something GM Bobby will surely aim to repeat with a larger margin.

The Draft

Draft Year 1st selection and position taken (if known)
1999 Colin Pepperall (7th)
2000 Milan Kraft
2001 Raffi Torres (7th)
2002 Eric Cole (11th)
2003 Eric Staal (4th)
2004 Martin Erat (23rd)
2005 Mark Recchi (5th)
2006 Mikeal Samuellson (40th)
2007 Patrick Kane (2nd)
2008 Colin Wilson (6th)
2009 Matt D’agostini (65th)
2010 Ryan O’Reilly (54th)
2011 Jason Arnott (65th)
2012 Igor Radulov (6th)
2013 Valeri Nichushkin (5th)
2014 Matt Nieto (43rd)