Flyin’ Pepperalls name new President & two new Assistant Coaches

The Flyin’ Pepperalls have filled in the staffing gap created by the resignation of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and sudden erratic departure of Harley Quinn, Furisosa and Flyin’ Monkey.

GM Bobby explained to a throng of Pepperall faithful at the opening of Evgeni Malkin’s “Cupcakes Are Good” Flyin Pepperalls Logostore:

“Our new team president Yoda is strong in the force, as our we. We believe his wisdom and appeal as the public face of the team cannot be overvalued. Two new assistant coaches with a wealth of BBY experience also join us: Dwight Yoakham and Spongebob Squarepants. We believe their contrasting styles will help Coach Stone inspire our team to new heights. We have some Bulldogs to catch!”

Response among the fans was mixed as many were hoping for the return of Johnny Depp or even that smuck Owen Wilson to the organization. Time will tell if these hirings work out for GM Bobby.