Can a Herain addiction cost you the Pool

With all this back and forth about the Expendables this season and players that they could potentially move, the BBY news was wondering are the Expendables… expendable?

The question is could the battle between your heart and your brain ruin your year??  BBY news asked a fellow BBY GM about winning championships and a theory we have come to know as Herain. Can you be a Herain junkie in the BBY?  This unnamed BBY GM said it is a very real thing and we are hoping the commissioner is taking this matter very seriously.

In the past we have seen GM Bobby move any player for anything and it paid off big time as he has won multiple championships in his glorious BBY history.  The Marauders have been on and off the Herain wagon this year as well but what the Barkov trade showed the BBY was he has this addiction under control.

But the question is are we seeing a Herain story unfold before us this season?  Have the Expendables waited to long this year with Datsyuk and Johnson?  They have been in the Expendables line up all season and Johnson only has 13pts on the year and Datsyuk only has 18pts on the year so far.  An unattractive Fleischmann has 17pts this year and is sitting on the Expendables bench.  Sure Fleischmann is no BBY eye candy but with 4 more points then Johnson it makes you wonder what a Johnson could have fetched in a trade 2 months ago?   Scott Hartnell has 30pts on the year which is 1 less point then Datsyuk and Johnson combined… could a Hartnell type player been a cheap buy a month ago for this push?

Stay tuned for the next installment – Who Let The Barkov-Out… the falling of BBY captains.