BBY Jerseys


The rumoured origin of this look is GM Ben’s love of the old Quebec Nordique jersey and Aquafresh toothpaste. Irregardless of  the actual true story, Badgers fans have been clamouring for a turtle-necked collar to match their beloved logo and some fleur-de-lis to suit their francophone nationalistic tendencies. All we can say is Oui!

Scout Valley Bulldogs

This jersey was designed by former Bulldog legend Darcy “rabid wolverine” Tucker himself using only his teeth! Darcy took an ancient Los Angeles Kings practice jersey from the 1970s (Kopitar is still looking for his favourite stick rag –sorry Anze) and chewed off the sleeves while ironing-on the classic Spike logo.

The Daredevil

Only a sadistic, militaristic GM like Wayne would garb his players in a wardrobe reminiscent of the feared and hated Red Army. Note the delightfull DD patch on the left breast, and the fine, though somewhat impractical, gold belt buck which was added after the championship season of 2013.


The spacey vibe of the logo has been extended into the starscape jersey (note the stars and planets), giving the Elite a glamorous look that sparkles under the intense arena lighting.


Every Expendables jersey is game-worn with tears, bullet holes and bloodstains to prove it. Coach Stallone referred to this jersey as “A more modern expression of Detroit”

Guts ‘n’ Glory

Have refined the classic yellow and blue wolverine costume into a shirt worthy of Logan himself! GM Rez stands behind his yellow and blue palette despite part of the fanbase lobbying hard for a “1980s brown and tan wolverine version”. Time will tell if fans get their wish.

Sven’s Heroes

The most accurately nationalistic of all the BBY jerseys, Heroes regalia has been sold out at IKEA for months on end. Look up Sweden, for those truly uneducated and not catching the subtle hints.


The highly unique Marauders logo is in its natural element here, incorporated into a classic Team Canada motif. Note the gold stripes, a gentle acknowledgement of this franchise’s championship history. Maple leaf shoulder patches are a no-brainer here.

Monster Meese

What is perhaps unclear to the viewer of the gloriously gaudy Meese uniform, rendered in Meese-tone brown and Lucky Ring Teal is that the jersey itself is made from Moose fur dyed these fantastical hues. “Warm and Fuzzy, just like me” quips GM Nabber as he quietly slips brass knuckles into the furry crevices on his star players sleeves.


This team sports a modern pop art extravagance in the form of jerseyness. The combination of granny Pinks, light grey and dark browny-grey leave no doubt which team is on the ice. A full-figured rendition of the infamous “Bag head” logo finishes off this striking masterpiece.

Flyin’ Pepperalls

The longstanding Pepperall vision of lime green jerseys has held true. This rendition sports the Mr. Horsepower logo on the chest facing right instead of the more typical right. While not visible in this picture, fans are assured that the classic flying P (in red) logo remains the shoulder patch of the Pepperall jersey.

Steel Belted-Radials

There is no denying the simple grace of the Barrie Colt inspired Radials jersey, an iconic representation of the BBY’s most decorated champion.

Skating Sens

The most traditional of all BBY jerseys, GM Scott’s favoured off-ice look makes all his players appear more muscular. The late Stompin’ Tom once said “Sideways stripes and skintight wool will do that for a guy”.

The Spartans

The golden yellow and blood red contrast is striking on the Spartans jersey. A GM always looking for a new angle, it surprised none that this was the first BBY team to sell jersey sponsorships to fund a championship drive.


The original team with fashion sense boldly hit a homerun with their strong pink look. Styles jerseys are seen in every BBY arena, they are that loved. GM Hoss had this to say “Not something I would wear myself, but I have no problem making my players dress this way to beat the other teams. Each loss to my pink crew is like getting destroyed by a midget girls rep ball hockey team. Those other BBY fragile ego GMs can’t handle it”. Mind games and #1 in jersey sales… brilliant.

Gene’s Tongue

The homage to KISS carries onto the Tongue jersey. Spiked leather shoulder pads and a nasty belt feature more than make up for the lack of colour on this jersey. What the rendition fails to show is the 20 pounds of sequins sewn into each jersey just for the pregame blacklight and laser skate show Tongue fans have come to expect. The Tongue home jerseys are also flame retardant due to the massive pyrotechnic show that begins every home game. Other teams have been known to burst into flames, requiring spare jerseys to be on hand (a lesson the Guts appear to relish not learning).