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Based out of the Coldwater Burrow in Coldwater, ON

The GM

GM Ben is a fast turnover, big moves kind of GM. His rate of activity in his first few seasons is only matched by the historically active GMs: Bobby, Josh and Rez. Though it must be stated, GM Ben is relentless in his pursuit of improvement, and may well be the most active trader of the post-2010 era. His takeover of the franchise marked the 3rd time a new GM has “made their mark” on this team by breaking down the predecessors roster for youth/prospects and new players. His signature move to this point was the series of deals that resulted in him having the firepower to acquire Sidney Crosby, the best player in the NHL at his time of acquisition.


This team has been run by GM Ben since 2012. The franchise was the first BBY expansion team back in 1999 with GM Dallas naming it the Carnage. In 2000 GM Jeff took over, renaming the team the Alcoholics for 5 years until he reverted to the Carnage name in 2005. In 2009 GM Sarah took over and named the team the Sling Matrons. She shortened the name in 2010 to Matrons. GM Ben didn’t want a team name that meant “mothers” so he chose a beast he admired: the badger.

Season Finished Points
2000 6th 722
2001 7th 744
2002 5th 508
2003 7th 740
2004 10th 566
2006 7th 804
2007 4th 937
2008 3rd 814
2009 9th 711
2010 15th 535
2011 16th 519
2012 8th 673
2013 (lockout) 14th 345
2014 16th 571

The Logos

AlcholicsAlcoholics & Carnage 2.0 2002-2009

GM Jeff worked at the local LCBO. His logo sported a big maple leaf behind the bottle with the slogan “Absolut  Canadiana” below it. He retained the logo when he reverted back to the original Carnage team name.


MatronsMatrons 2009-2013

GM Sarah was represented by various images of Xena, warrior princess. It took GM Ben into his second season to replace this imagery with some of his own.


Badgers 2013Badgers 2013-2014

The 1st “badger” Badger logo was selected by GM Ben to embody the truculence and attitude he wanted his franchise to project. We were especially fond of the turtleneck collar on the angry badger face as it provided an air of sophistication.


Badgers 2014Badger 2014-Present

GM Ben opted to lose the hipster turtleneck logo and developed a sleeker, more sinister looking Badger. This badger is found on the wrong side of town digging through the garbage and beating up other, smaller mammals. The hockey puck as the background is a nice touch, and oddly enough hadn’t been done in the BBY yet.


The MVPs

Season MVP Points
2000 Andrew Cassels 62
2001 Jarome Iginla/Doug Weight 71
2002 Mats Sundin 80
2003 Mike Modano 85
2004 Alexander Frolov 48
2006 Pavol Datsyuk 87
2007 Joe Sakic 100
2008 Pavol Datsyuk 92
2009 Pavol Datsyuk 97
2010 Jason Pominville 53
2011 Patrice Bergeron 57
2012 Joe Thornton 77
2013 (lockout) Jamie Benn 33
2014 Sidney Crosby 104

The Captains

Season Captain Points
2003 Mats Sundin 72
2004 Mike Modano 44
2005 (lockout) Alexander Frolov  
2006 Alexander Frolov 54
2007 Pavol Datsyuk 87
2008 Pavol Datsyuk 97
2009 Pavol Datsyuk 97
2010 Patrice Bergeron 52
2011 Patrice Bergeron 57
2012 Patrice Bergeron 64
2013 (lockout) Jeff Skinner 24
2014 Sidney Crosby  104
2015 Sidney Crosby  

The Staff

Name Position(s) Service
Yoda Coach 2003-2008
Jay & Silent Bob Assistants 2003-2008
Anna Kournikova Head Scout 2003-2008
Julio Iglesius Coach 2009-2011

The Badgers have been looking for staff, in particular a coach, since the 2012 season. Perhaps someday they will name some…

The Arch Enemy

GM Ben has labeled the Expendables is his priority enemy. BBY observers would like to see him battle it out with GM Josh of the Marauders due to their close personal connections.

The Draft

Draft Year 1st selection and position taken (if known)
1999 Andrew Cassels
2000 Micheal Henrich
2001 Steven Weiss (14th)
2002 Radim Vrbata (5th)
2003 Kyle Wellwood (22nd)
2004 Micheal Ryder (2nd)
2005 MA Pouliot (11th)
2006 Michel Frolik (12th)
2007 Blake Wheeler (59th)
2008 Gilbert Brule (10th)
2009 Brayden Schenn (7th)
2010 Chris Stewart (3rd)
2011 Jeff Skinner (1st)
2012 Nail Yakupov (1st)
2013 Magnus Paajarvi (17th)
2014 Roussell (38th)