A Tale of Two Teams

At this point in the year we have entered into riding out the teams we have and hoping that the hot streaks(penguins,Washington ect.) take us to the promise land. with that in mind I decided to look at two teams with two very different views.

The Badgers

All year long this team has made trades to get deeper , stronger and to go for the best finish it could get. With a little help from the tire-fire that is the DareDevils and some great trades to go for the now this team has acted as if it was in 1st trying to defend a lead. His willingness to trade anyone has shown that the level of compete is there , even if the talent level has dropped overall .

The Expendables

Anytime a team 4th place overall Decides that it is a seller and starts to make trades to get younger , something is off. This team was in the hunt and had a real chance to win it all again. GM Chad decided that the Marauders were too much for him and started trying to make trades to top load his team for the future. If his team had been as Pathetic as the elite this year he could have made these moves and no one would care. But, his team is still in 6th!

So whats the point? If Gm Chad had the Badgers cut-throat attitude or the badgers had the top talent the likes of Benn these teams could be modern day dynasties. Rebuilding from 4th overall is a waste of a season. Trading one of the best guys in crosby, then flipping the best guy you got back for him is risky.

So can these two teams figure it out or is this what they are?

The jury is out on Chad. Yes he lost this year but has managed to get some great young talent and could be back in the top five next year.

GM Ben is faced with an aging team of semi-talent. with no superstar, no youth and no picks he really has gone all now because the future looks dark.