2003 Draft


Marauders select Ovechkin 1st Overall

Round 1

  BBY Team draft slot Drafted By Player
1 Scout Valley Bulldogs Marauders Alex Ovechkin
2 Bomb Squad Rednex Tyler Arnason
3 Styles Rednex Nik Antropov
4 Flyin’ Pepperalls Flyin’ Pepperalls Eric Staal
5 *Scout Valley Bulldogs Scout Valley Bulldogs Weinhandl
6 *Bomb Squad Bomb Squad Thomas Vanek
7 *Styles Styles Niko Kapanen
8 *Flyin’ Pepperalls Flyin’ Pepperalls Peter Sejna
9 Marauders Marauders Dustin Brown
10 Alcoholics SB Radials PM Bouchard
11 Gene’s Tongue Gene’s Tongue Nathan Horton
12 Rednex SB Radials Henrik Sedin
13 Krusaders SB Radials Milan Michalek
14 Monster Meese Gene’s Tongue Jason Blake
15 Skating Sens Gene’s Tongue Igor Grigorenko
16 SB Radials Krusaders Ales Kotalik

*Shadow Pick Rule

 Round 2

  BBY Team draft slot Drafted By Player
17 Scout Valley Bulldogs Marauders Cory Locke
18 Bomb Squad Scout Valley Bulldogs Mike Ribiero
19 Styles Rednex Mike Knuble
20 Flyin’ Pepperalls SB Radials Jiri Hudler
21 Marauders Flyin’ Pepperalls Patrick Bartschi
22 Alcoholics Alcoholics Kyle Wellwood
23 Gene’s Tongue Alcoholics Pictman
24 Rednex Rednex Dick Tarnstrom
  Krusaders *  
25 Monster Meese Monster Meese Rotislave Olesz
26 Skating Sens Skating Sens Alex Perezhogin
27 SB Radials SB Radials Igor Radulov

*We think this was the first ever burned pick, but again the records are foggy, and Krusaders drafted in the 4th round so it wasn’t GM Kevin that burned it.

Round 3

  BBY Team draft slot Drafted By Player
28 Scout Valley Bulldogs Scout Valley Bulldogs Huml
29 Bomb Squad Bomb Squad Tukonen
30 Styles SB Radials Polushin
31 Flyin’ Pepperalls Flyin’ Pepperalls Zach Parise
32 Marauders Marauders Matt Stajan
33 Alcoholics Guts ‘n’ Glory Chris Higgins
34 Gene’s Tongue Alcoholics Peter Cajanek
35 Rednex Monster Meese Glazachev
36 Monster Meese Guts ‘n’ Glory Eric Nystrom
37 Skating Sens Skating Sens Justin Papineau
  SB Radials    

 Round 4+             Picks taken based on order of finish, until all rosters are full

  BBY Team draft slot Drafted By Player
38   Scout Valley Bulldogs Hall (not Taylor)
39   Bomb Squad Hilbert
40   Flyin’ Pepperalls Trubachev
41   Alcoholics Matt Foy
42   Rednex Boguniecki
43   Krusaders J. Johansson
44   Skating Sens Jason Chimera
45   SB Radials Zalasek
46   Scout Valley Bulldogs Dimitri Mironov
47   Bomb Squad Danny Fritsche
48   Flyin’ Pepperalls Mathias Ohlund
49   Alcoholics Carlos Coliacovo
50   Rednex Jordan Leopold
51   Krusaders Al MacInnis
52   Skating Sens Mikeal Samuellson
53   SB Radials Derek Roy
54   Scout Valley Bulldogs Villeux
55   Bomb Squad Trent Hunter
56   Flyin’ Pepperalls Branko Radivojevic
57   Skating Sens Bayda
58   SB Radials Dimitrakos
59   Scout Valley Bulldogs Sean Bergenheim
60   Flyin’ Pepperalls Bednar
61   Skating Sens Jason Williams
62   SB Radials Kaigorodov
63   Flyin’ Pepperalls Brooks Laich
64   Skating Sens Niinimaki
65   SB Radials Wallin
66   Flyin’ Pepperalls Erik Christenson
67   Skating Sens Slater
68   SB Radials Berglund
69   Flyin’ Pepperalls Patrick Sundstrom
70   Skating Sens Ryan Getzlaf
71   Flyin’ Pepperalls Sean Horcoff
72   Skating Sens McLeod
73   Flyin’ Pepperalls Andrei Markov
74   Skating Sens Alex Steen
75   Flyin’ Pepperalls Marius Czerkawksi
76   Flyin’ Pepperalls D. Armstrong
77   Flyin’ Pepperalls Epsen Knutsen
78   Flyin’ Pepperalls Daryl Sydor
79   Flyin’ Pepperalls Ethan Moreau
80   Flyin’ Pepperalls Aaron Asham
81   Flyin’ Pepperalls Theo Fleury
82   Guts ‘n’ Glory Taratukin
83   Guts ‘n’ Glory Jussi Jokinen
84   Guts ‘n’ Glory Ryan Kesler
85   Guts ‘n’ Glory Matt? Ellison
86   Guts ‘n’ Glory Artyukin
87   Guts ‘n’ Glory Alexandrov


Some Trades from the Day:
Bomb Squad aquires Guts 3rd 2004 from the Guts for Trent Hunter.Bomb Squad aquires Glazachev from the Meese for Rez 3rd 2004.Krusaders aquire Ray Whitney from the SB Radials for Ales Kotalik and the Krusaders 3rd 2004.




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