2002 Draft

Rednex were just as crazy as McCabe’s hair!

Round 1

  BBY Team draft slot Drafted By Player
1 Damn Yankee Rednex Bryan McCabe
2 Styles Rednex Kyle Calder
3 Alcoholics Rednex Craig Conroy
4 Scout Valley Bulldogs Rednex Rick Nash
5 Shadow rule Alcoholics Radim Vrbata
6 Shadow rule Marauders Donald Brashear
7 Shadow rule Rednex Ryan Whitney
8 Marauders Rednex Alyn McCauley
9 Rednex Scout Valley Bulldogs Robert Reichel
10 Krusaders Rednex Scottie Upshall
11 PuTang Clan Flyin’ Pepperalls Eric Cole
12 Skating Sens PuTang Clan Shawn Bates
13 SB Radials Flyin’ Pepperalls Pavol Datsyuk
14 Flyin’ Pepperalls Flyin’ Pepperalls Josef Vasicek
15 Monster Meese Monster Meese Jiri Dopita

Note: Damn Yankee being dissolved as the “Shadow pick rule” was implemented makes slot #5-9 a little messy as we don’t seem to have an accurate record, and it looks like some pre-draft trades occurred with the shadow picks??? (These were untradeable some years?)

Round 2

  BBY Team draft slot Drafted By Player
18 Alcoholics Flyin’ Pepperalls Jarrett Stoll
19 Scout Valley Bulldogs Marauders Zdeno Chara
21 Rednex Alcoholics Alex Frolov
22 Krusaders Skating Sens Andy McDonald
23 PuTang Clan Flyin’ Pepperalls Martin Erat
27 Monster Meese Styles Chuck Kobasew

 Round 3

  BBY Team draft slot Drafted By Player
28 Damn Yankee Scout Valley Bulldogs Todd White
30 Alcoholics SB Radials Ales Hemsky
37 SB Radials Monster Meese Nikolai Zherdev

Round 4+             Picks taken based on order of finish, until all rosters are full

  BBY Team draft slot Drafted By Player
40   Marauders Henrik Zetterberg
41   Krusaders Trent Hunter
50   SB Radials O’Sullivan
55   PuTang Clan Alex Ponikarovsky
56   SB Radials Alex Semin
59   Skating Sens Robbie Schremp
60   SB Radials Sidney Crosby*

*Note that GM Dunlop took Crosby as an under 18 year old, the most significant player (GM Nabber had taken Robert Nilsson, and there was a third player… Schremp?) to be selected this way. This prompted a BBY rule change of “NHL draft eligible or current contract/rights players only”.

Again Note: much of this draft information was lost, what is here was reconstructed from players still active in the BBY in 2007.

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